7+ Upcycled Classroom Valentines

I am all about getting rid of "stuff" this year! One of the categories that we have the most "stuff" in is crafts. We.have.a.ton.of.craft.supplies. I used to be a scrapbooker. I say used to because really just the other day is when I decided that I could no longer maintain it. I was incredibly … [Read more...]

Composting – How to Get Started

I have made it a goal of mine to get started with composting over this winter. Actually, as soon as possible. Last year, I watched as some scraps of food from our CSA share and meals were wasted and it made me feel terrible. As I began my garden last spring, I yearned for that mineral rich … [Read more...]

Recycling Activities – Including the Whole Family

We have been working hard on teaching our kids good habits when it comes to being green! Watch the video I created about some of the ways that we include them... How do you make it easy for your kids to recycle?   … [Read more...]

Happy Earth Day 2013! {Motivation Monday}

We have been trying hard this last year to make an impression on our kids that being "kind" to our Earth is something that will get them far in life. Not only will it {hopefully} guarantee that the Earth will be around as they grow up and their kids have kids, but it will also improve our health … [Read more...]

17 Reasons to NEVER Throw Out Your Yogurt Containers

I am not sure who is more into recycling these days at our house, my kids or me. They definitely ask questions every time I put something in the trash about why it cannot be recycled, which certainly gets me thinking and keeps me on my toes. One of our favorite containers to reuse are yogurt cups. I … [Read more...]

19 Reasons NOT to Just Throw Away Egg Cartons

People always (mainly my husband) make fun of me when they see the stack of egg cartons piled up high in my dining room. My response is always..."I am waiting for a really good opportunity to use them...one will come!" And one always does. There is constantly a use for these egg cartons that my … [Read more...]

How to make a Recycled Flower Bouquet in 5 Easy Steps

Just over a year ago, we went to a local art gallery, ArtFusion19464 for a kid's event. While we were there, they did some pretty creative things with old magazines, egg cartons, and bottle caps. My kids have been talking about it ever since and have been begging to make some flowers. With … [Read more...]

WAIT…Don’t Throw That Seed Catalog in the Trash (or Recycle Bin) Yet!

A couple of weeks ago, I received my long awaited seed catalogs in the mail. I usually get two of them and I absolutely cherish them, reading them and circling what I think I may like to plant in my garden in the upcoming spring. I must be honest, I don't plant just seeds and so I use these catalogs … [Read more...]


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