Earth Day 2014 – A Round Up My Favorite Posts This Year

Call me a hippie, call me a tree hugger (no really, please do, I love that), call me what you will, I love Earth Day. Totally not planned, I even had a baby on the day, which I also love. I enjoy the awareness that surrounds this day. I enjoy the thought that this awareness may get some people … [Read more...]

Celebrating Earth Day and Social Responsibility With #WalgreensOlogy

  I feel like I have been talking a ton lately with my kids about this holiday that is coming up. In my opinion, it is one of the most important around. That holiday is...Earth Day! We haven't just been chatting about Earth Day being one day but about how every day can be Earth Day and … [Read more...]

Let’s Start Celebrating Earth Day Early! The Journey to Green – Light Bulbs

April is a great month for many reasons. 1. It is the month that my 1st son was born in. His birth day is on Earth Day. And it is a major celebration:) 2. It begins to get warm outside. We see the start of the forsythia blooming, and the tulips, irises, and daffodils begin to show their green … [Read more...]

Recycling Activities – Including the Whole Family

We have been working hard on teaching our kids good habits when it comes to being green! Watch the video I created about some of the ways that we include them... How do you make it easy for your kids to recycle?   … [Read more...]

Happy Earth Day 2013! {Motivation Monday}

We have been trying hard this last year to make an impression on our kids that being "kind" to our Earth is something that will get them far in life. Not only will it {hopefully} guarantee that the Earth will be around as they grow up and their kids have kids, but it will also improve our health … [Read more...]


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