The Great American Light Bulb Swap Coming to Boston

Have you made the switch to LED bulbs yet? A few years ago we thought we were doing a great thing - we switched to CFL bulbs. And when it comes to energy efficiency, we were doing a good thing. Better than the traditional screw in incandescent light bulbs for sure. While the CFL's were budget … [Read more...]

Struggles and Successes in Going Green For You and Your Family

I am so excited to have Gina from Mom-Blog writing a post today. Not only do I love reading Gina's blog, but she is writing about a topic that I can SO relate to...the struggles and successes of going green. We can all relate to this. It isn't easy all the time. I love how open Gina is in this post! … [Read more...]

Earth Day 2014 – A Round Up My Favorite Posts This Year

Call me a hippie, call me a tree hugger (no really, please do, I love that), call me what you will, I love Earth Day. Totally not planned, I even had a baby on the day, which I also love. I enjoy the awareness that surrounds this day. I enjoy the thought that this awareness may get some people … [Read more...]

Let’s Start Celebrating Earth Day Early! The Journey to Green – Light Bulbs

April is a great month for many reasons. 1. It is the month that my 1st son was born in. His birth day is on Earth Day. And it is a major celebration:) 2. It begins to get warm outside. We see the start of the forsythia blooming, and the tulips, irises, and daffodils begin to show their green … [Read more...]

9 Ways to Save Energy During the Winter Months

One thing that I will be trying hard to do this winter is conserve some energy. I picked the holidays as a focus because it is a time when generally our electric bills and therefore usage is large. I know that by concentrating on limiting our usage, we can really make a difference during this time … [Read more...]


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