Earth Day 2014 – A Round Up My Favorite Posts This Year


Call me a hippie, call me a tree hugger (no really, please do, I love that), call me what you will, I love Earth Day. Totally not planned, I even had a baby on the day, which I also love. I enjoy the awareness that surrounds this day. I enjoy the thought that this awareness may get some people thinking that weren’t before about steps that they can take to help our Earth. Easy steps that they can do every day to keep it strong for generations to come.

So of course as the internet opened up the flood gates with the hashtags #EarthDay and #EarthDay2014, I followed. And I read. And now, I am sharing.

Here are some of my favorite posts from one of my favorite days:

Every Day Can Be Earth Day

5 Things You Can Do To Make Every Day Earth Day

30 Ways You Can Help The Planet – Great insight from one of my favorite writers.

4 Ways to Protect Our Planet Everyday

10 Ways To Help The Earth

12 Ways to Save Money and Go Green

Make Earth Day Everyday


Reducing The Use Of Plastics – This is something we are really focusing on in our house.


Reusing Food Containers – I LOVE these ideas! Fruit containers to start seeds? Perfect!

Soda Bottle Greenhouses – What an awesome idea!


Growing a Pizza Garden

The Rebirth of the American Chestnut Tree – a beautiful history and a great activity

Being Good Consumers

Guide to Going Green By Buying Made In The USA

14 Reasons Why Every Child Should Eat Organic Foods

Activities Good For All Year Round

Favorite Earth Day Books – a great list!

Earth Day Scavenger Hunt

Earth Day Printable Word Search

Earth Day Movie Marathon – Okay, maybe not entirely kid appropriate, these are great suggestions and I for one will be working at this list on Netflix!

Fairy Garden – I love this one! We walk past a house each year at the beach that had this gorgeous fairy garden and so we’ve been saving ideas for a while! Can’t wait to get started!

What were your favorite Earth Day posts? 



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  1. Thanks for sharing this list. It’s a great resource!
    I don’t consider myself to be a “tree hugger,” but I do believe in taking common sense steps to be environmentally responsible. These links look helpful in facilitating this.
    Shannon recently posted…Why Proverbs 31 is Insufficient for Christian WomenMy Profile

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