Struggles and Successes in Going Green For You and Your Family


I am so excited to have Gina from Mom-Blog writing a post today. Not only do I love reading Gina's blog, but she is writing about a topic that I can SO relate to...the struggles and successes of going green. We can all relate to this. It isn't easy all the time. I love how open Gina is in this post! … [Read more...]

Happy Child Super Nutrition Shakes {Review}


This summer, we have been on the go. From apartments to vacations to moving into a new home, there have been plenty of to-do's on our list! My two big kids do a pretty good job of eating larger meals that tie them over from one to the next but my littler guy, he's still learning. With a peanut and … [Read more...]

How to Lower Your Stress Level Naturally

How to Reduce Stress Naturally

As we prepared for the big move into our new home, I knew that I needed to bring in the reinforcements and some of my favorite bloggers offered to guest post. Today's post is brought to you by Jessica from Eat Sleep Be. I have known and followed Jessica for quite a while. When I first found out that … [Read more...]

Let’s Talk About Oats: OATrageous Oatmeals {Review and OXO Giveaway}


I have mentioned before that I am on a quest to seek out more plant based meals that my family will love. I have to say, there is a bit of a learning curve when it comes to cooking many plant based dishes. That isn't to say that it is hard, but the wide range of things that you can do with many of … [Read more...]

Welcome to Our New Home!


I am sitting here on the eve of our closing date. The kids are excited to run around in a new yard. And Ben and I are excited to finally start to put our roots down here. Oh yeah, and to have a grill...and a yard. :) Let me introduce to you to (some of) our new home. Get prepared because there is … [Read more...]

Weekly Meal Plan – July 27th – August 2nd New Home Time!

Weekly Meal Plan

Just today we got back from a weeklong vacation to North Conway, NH with friends. We stayed in the Nirvana Manor and it was absolutely fabulous. This was our "bi-annual UNH friends trip" filled with memories provided by 8 adults and 9 kids ranging from age 2-7. And filled with memories it was. More … [Read more...]

Sweet Lavender Vanilla Shortbread Cookies


If you've been a reader of this blog, you will know that I have been a fan of lavender for quite a long time. It has become one of my favorite culinary herbs to create with. It's (almost) savory flavor with just a pinch added to any baked good or meal is enough to make me melt! I was browsing … [Read more...]

Food Preparation For A Week Long Vacation


We are headed up to gorgeous North Conway, NH with friends this week. Every other year, a group of college friends and all of our families go away on vacation together. There are 8 adults and 9 kids (between the ages of 2 ½ and 7). I realize that this does not sound like bliss, but it is. There is … [Read more...]

10 Must Have Beach Items For Ages 2-7


Five weeks ago we made the move to MA. Thankfully, it is summer time and we have been able to put our exploration hats on. The kids and I (and Ben on the weekends) have been to playgrounds, farms, orchards, on hikes, the city, ponds, and beaches. There are no shortage of activities near our new … [Read more...]

French Toast Casserole {Recipe}


Last weekend, we headed home to visit my parents in Washington Crossing. I have said it before and I’ll say it again, my mom is a wonderful cook so we are always spoiled with delicious meals! C fell in love on Sunday with my mom’s French Toast Casserole. My kids have always loved french toast, so … [Read more...]

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