Howlidays Are Coming to Great Wolf Lodge New England


A few weeks ago an email landed in my inbox. It was one of those ones where you read it and jump for joy inside. And look at the date - and there is a conflict. OH NO! You see, I had booked a flight to Baltimore for the Natural Products Expo (the flight had been booked for months). … [Read more...]

Weekly Meal Plan: September 28th – October 4th

Weekly Meal Plan

Last week's meal plan was a TOTAL success. There was nothing special about it but the meals worked out perfectly. I think a lot of it was me being realistic about what I could do each day. Our days are more routine at this point and so certain days I can put more effort into dinner than others. I am … [Read more...]

8 Crazy Things You Do When Selling Your House


So everyone knows that just a few months ago we were in the throws of selling our house. Listen, I knew when we made the decision to move to Boston that this would be a crazy time in our lives. I knew that my personality is NOT geared toward waiting while we "find the right buyer". I was prepared … [Read more...]

Fall and Denim – A Match Made in Heaven


There is something about the start of fall. Those first cool, crisp days, the ones where you wake up under the covers not wanting to move even one toe out of your bed because of the chill that is in the air. Yet, you don't want that chill to leave either. That chill means fall and fall is beautiful. … [Read more...]

Enjoy Life Crunchy Cookies and a Sugar Cookie Apple Pie Crust

Crunchy Cookies-title

When we lived in PA I used to go to this store that happened to be right in the center of our town called Kimberton Wholefoods. I always used to frequent this store for specialty products. After H was diagnosed with a peanut allergy it became my go to place for information and allergy friendly … [Read more...]

Weekly Meal Plan : September 21st – 27th

Weekly Meal Plan

Wow! A whirlwind of a week. So many great things to be grateful for. Last week began like any other week, filled with activities but ended with a trip to Baltimore and the Natural Products Expo for me and a trip to Great Wolf Lodge New England for our whole family. I was trying to think of what … [Read more...]

Meatless Pepper Tacos and a #FarmFare Giveaway


At the end of the summer there isn’t much better than cherishing the last of the tomatoes, peppers, onions, and other fresh veggies in your area. That is certainly what we have been doing in our house. I love heading to our local farmstand to browse around and on a whim grab a bunch of veggies that … [Read more...]

17 Ways to Cook A Pork Tenderloin


After doing almost a years worth of meal plans, I realize that one of my fall back meals is Pork Tenderloin. I love making it in the summer because it is quick and easy and works well with our busy schedules. I love making it in the winter because all of those delicious root vegetables go fabulously … [Read more...]

Weekly Meal Plan: September 14 – 20th

Weekly Meal Plan

So this week was a great one when it comes to meals and meal planning. It wasn't because we stuck with every single thing, though we did a really good job. It was because we got closer to establishing a routine. We are finally close to both a Whole Foods Market and a Trader Joes. I didn't realize … [Read more...]

LeapFrog’s LeapBand is the Definition of #FitMadeFun


So I am writing this post after days of watching my two and a half year old bounce around this house clapping his hands, wiggling his bum, and attempting to do jumping jacks all while happily wearing an oversized bracelet on his wrist. While this LeapBand wasn't meant for him (it was meant … [Read more...]

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