Happy Earth Day 2013! {Motivation Monday}


We have been trying hard this last year to make an impression on our kids that being “kind” to our Earth is something that will get them far in life. Not only will it {hopefully} guarantee that the Earth will be around as they grow up and their kids have kids, but it will also improve our health right now by making less toxic by-products that would eventually be consumed in some form or another by us (don’t worry, that last one we didn’t really talk about yet). Yes, Earth Day is important for sure because it brings a bit of recognition to some intense environmental issues, but it is also important to recognize these issues all throughout the year.

Here are some kid-friendly ways to incorporate your children in the “discussion” about lessening the stress on our Earth:

  • Recycling – Recycling everything as much as possible and encouraging the kids to do it themselves. Keep your recycling containers accessible for your little ones. Let them wash out their yogurt container and throw it in themselves  When they get a paper home from school that may need to be recycled, let them do it. Get them involved in recycling at their school too. This is something that all ages can comprehend. When we hand lil’ H (16 months old) a tin can, he knows right where to go!
  • Cleaning Up Litter – While on a nature walk (or just any walk), carry a bag with you to pick up trash along the way. If you are at the bus stop, point out trash and pick it up to throw in the proper place. Set the impression that you don’t just walk by. DO something. Kids pick up on this very quickly and will likely take this one very seriously (I know mine do).
  • Plant Something – Teach kids about all of the good that plants do for our Earth. Whether it is a large tree or just a seedling, plant something. Grow a garden, plant a tree. And read The Lorax. Over and over again.
  • Walk or Ride a Bike – When playing nearby, try to walk instead of drive. Sometimes I wish we lived a bit closer to things or had a “downtown” but we walk when we can and we talk about why.
  • Re-using – Try to teach that re-using something pre-owned by you or gently used by someone else is better than wasting the resources on a new one when possible. And re-using doesn’t have to mean using an item the same way it was intended. You’d be amazed what uses kids can come up with for an item as ordinary as a clementine box!
  • Reducing – Cut back on the “unnecessary” things in your life. Decrease packaging, decrease the “stuff”. Less clutter, fewer resources being used up. Speaking of resources, be mindful of the resources used unnecessarily such as electricity. Teach your children the importance of turning things off when they are done – like their lights (we are working on this one big time!).

Next up for use is conserving water. I would love to get a rain barrel and teach C, G, and H more about water and other resource conservation. I would also really like to start a compost pile this summer with them and teach them about things that are biodegradable.

What will you be doing to teach your children how to be kind to the Earth?

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  1. Great post. It doesn’t even require being radical. These are all practical things that can help our environment AND our budgets!
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