17 Reasons to NEVER Throw Out Your Yogurt Containers

Yogurt Collage

I am not sure who is more into recycling these days at our house, my kids or me. They definitely ask questions every time I put something in the trash about why it cannot be recycled, which certainly gets me thinking and keeps me on my toes. One of our favorite containers to reuse are yogurt cups. I wash them after we enjoy the yogurt and I save them. We eat yogurt everyday, so that is a lot of yogurt cups!

Chances are, you can find a way to reuse a yogurt cup every single day. In fact, I am sure it would be pretty easy. :-)

Below are 17  reasons why I save mine.

1. Bath Toys – These make the perfect bath toy. Punch holes in the bottom for a neat waterfall effect. Throw a few into the bath and watch your little ones play!

2. Worm House – Summer is coming so grab those yogurt cups and head outside to do some digging with the little ones! They can keep their worm finds in there for a little while before letting them back into your plant bed. You will be shocked at how long they will spend making the perfect “home” for their worm friends!

3. Seedlings – Of course most containers are good for seedlings, but yogurt cups are just the right size! Punch a few holes in the bottom for drainage and plant away. I especially love these Koru yogurt cups because of their transparency. The kids LOVE watching their seedlings grow! What better way to teach your children about root structures. :-)



4. Guitar picks – Yep, you are reading it right. This thickness of plastic is generally a good gauge for guitar picks. Either grab a punch like this or just cut out your own!

5. Sand Toys – Just like in the bath, punch holes in the bottom for a great sifter. Use it to make sand castles or as a container to collect seashells. Once again, it is a great cheap alternative and they come in all different sizes!

6. Crayon Holder – Play a color separating game with your preschooler by using each one as a container for different colors of crayons.  With multiple siblings, you can give each one their own “set of crayons” when coloring if sharing isn’t exactly working. 😉 Here is another way of turning your yogurt container into a crayon holder.

7. Portion control for snacking at home –  Many times I have a hard time judging what a small handful is, but it turns out the size of a yogurt cup is perfect for this (single serving of course). So, grab some almonds, goldfish, crackers, whatever, put them in your yogurt cup, and snack away.

Yogurt Portion Control


8. Bangle Bracelets – Check out this cool craft/tutorial by Dreamy Colours. You can make bangle bracelets out of your yogurt cups. C is going to be all over this when I show her! It would be great for a get together with girls!

9. Rock Salt Scoop – We always have trouble pouring rock salt straight from the bag during those icy winter months. Keep a yogurt cup in the bag to decrease the amount that you use and for easy spreading.

10. Cat Food Scoop – Use it as a scoop for dog or cat food.

11. Box Top Saver – We are inundated with box tops these days and save them for both children’s schools. It is nice to have a container with each child’s name on it to keep those box tops. I have even seen some people save the plastic top to the yogurt and cut a slit in it so the box tops can’t fall out.

12. Paint containers – This is especially useful for those small projects where you may not want to lug around an entire paint container. It is also useful for separating colors when the kids are painting as well. I also use this as a water cup for water colors too.

Yogurt Cup Watercolor


13. Bird Seed Scoop – Spring is the time (well really so is winter, summer, and fall) to fill up your bird feeders. I keep mine stored in a sealed container with a yogurt cup in there to help with scooping.

14. Easter egg dying – When you are using natural dyes, they don’t give you those neat cups to dye your eggs in. Stock up on yogurt cups throughout the year and use them when the time comes. :-)

15. Snow Toy – We listed bath and beach, but why not use them to make snow castles??

16. Protect your cup holders – These fit nicely in the cup holders of your car for nice long trips where it may be more economical to buy one bag of a snack and divvy it up by using yogurt cups! Hand a yogurt cup to each kiddo so that they can have their own little container and you can put one right next to you for yourself too without getting crumbs in the cup holder. (I hate crumbs in the cup holder!!)



17. Bead Container – This would be a great way to store beads on a roadtrip for that crafty little girl that can’t stop making necklaces. :-) Again, fits great in a cup holder!

Now, these are my 17 favorite ones…for now, but I feel like every day I am thinking of new ways to use those yogurt cups! Like crafts…the crafts are ENDLESS with these. What are your favorite uses for these?

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  1. Our preschool just asked folks to save yogurt cups for arts and crafts. Great list!
    Becky recently posted…Tuesday Greens Will Be Back Next WeekMy Profile

  2. So clever, Lauryn! I have to admit I usually recycle mine but I think I’ll save a bunch from here on out. Great stuff!
    Carrie recently posted…Turn Your Spring Cleaning into CashMy Profile

  3. I can happily say, that after 13 years of kids and their yogurt cups — I make my own yogurt now and we use glass! Not an ideal solution for everyone, but I don’t have to worry about how many of those we’re throwing away anymore. :) But you have some great ideas and I’m going to pass some along to my BFF who is a total yogurt fiend.
    Nicole @ One Punky Mama recently posted…Ultimate Chewy Chocolate Chip CookiesMy Profile

  4. I love these ideas! So creative…we are totally going to make worm houses now…we sure have enough worms…
    Heather S. recently posted…Wash the Shampoo Right Out of their Hair {Nuby Review}My Profile

  5. Wow! I got so many great ideas here it is crazy! Thanks!
    Janeane Davis recently posted…A to Z Challenge D = Debt – Get a Healthy Attitude About ItMy Profile

  6. Ever since I’ve started my library gig I am always looking for ways to repurpose things. Now I am going to be saving yogurt cups.
    Rachee recently posted…#atozchallenge: D is for #daringlyhighMy Profile

  7. WOW! Awesome ideas here – I especially love the one for traveling since they fit perfectly in the cup holders! We’d love for you to join our party and link up at Thrifty Thursday! http://www.livingwellspendingless.com/category/thrifty-thursday/
    Ruth@LivingWellSpendingLess recently posted…Thrifty Thursday {Week 5}My Profile

  8. i use them for crafting to hold beads, paper shapes, buttons and other little things that scatter all over the table
    Melinda@LookWhatMomFound…andDadtoo recently posted…Create a Meal #kidsinthekitchenMy Profile

  9. I have to try the cupholder one. My kids always make ours messy, and I hate cleaning them. Great tip!
    Barb @ A Life in Balance recently posted…motivation monday: look at a problem as an opportunityMy Profile

  10. Thank you so much for adding a link to my tutorial in your post!
    I love the ideas :) I always use yogurt cups as paint containers!
    Cath recently posted…Happy New Year And Let’s fight!My Profile


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