Easter – Reach Out to Family Far Away With Hallmark #EasterValue Cards And a Fun Game

  I was so excited to find out that my local Walmart carried Hallmark cards. Hallmark has been my go to brand for some time now. Sure, we do the homemade card quite frequently but there are many times that you need just the right words and for that I head to the card store. I can remember … [Read more...]

7+ Upcycled Classroom Valentines

I am all about getting rid of "stuff" this year! One of the categories that we have the most "stuff" in is crafts. We.have.a.ton.of.craft.supplies. I used to be a scrapbooker. I say used to because really just the other day is when I decided that I could no longer maintain it. I was incredibly … [Read more...]

Treat.com One-to-One Holiday Cards and Items

Treat is a new website to me but one that I got really excited about when I saw the products that they offer! As soon as you head over to Treat.com, you notice right away their personalized one-to-one holiday card. The idea of being able to create a holiday card for a specific person like my … [Read more...]


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