Easter – Reach Out to Family Far Away With Hallmark #EasterValue Cards And a Fun Game




I was so excited to find out that my local Walmart carried Hallmark cards. Hallmark has been my go to brand for some time now. Sure, we do the homemade card quite frequently but there are many times that you need just the right words and for that I head to the card store. I can remember being a child and ALWAYS hitting up the Hallmark store near my house for cards, gifts, whatever. They had everything. They even had the Precious Moments Figurines that I was SO into as a teenager (I still have one that Ben gave me when I was 16). Hallmark says a lot to me.

While we are close to much of our family, we are far from other members. Ben’s parents moved to Colorado a couple of years ago and we only see them twice a year (if we are lucky). We used to always see both families on Easter before they went so not having them around makes us kind of sad. The kids loved their Easter basket from Grandma Lynn. She used to hide the whole basket in the house and the kids would have to find them. It ended up being a bit of a scavenger hunt because there were lots of clues involved. :) It was a blast filled with great memories!

This year we thought it would be fun to play a bit of a trick, an Easter game, on them. The kids are each making them (Grandma and Grandpa) an Easter craft. Then we will write out an Easter card to each one with the other’s craft inside. They then have the task of hiding it for each other sending them on a scavenger hunt. The kids, having been to their home in Colorado, will pick the place for it to be hidden. They are SO excited they can barely contain themselves. They crafted it up the other night and made the perfect presents. Then we wrote a note to each one explaining the whole game!


The #EasterValue Connections by Hallmark cards that we found at Walmart are the perfect ones to house these crafts (which will be small).


The kids will love writing them out and there was a huge selection for them to choose from! There were ones geared toward adults and ones that were more kid friendly. Of course, there was the perfect one for family members that live far away too!


My kids had the best time choosing out their cards. H picked one with a big Easter bunny on it (he has perfected the word bunny and so he repeated it over.and.over the whole way home. C picked one with gorgeous flowers on it. And G picked one that had eggs all over it. He loved reading the ones in the store! The best part? They are adorable, AND affordable! Have you ever stood there while your child picks out the perfect card that makes no sense for the occasion and you are paying…6.99 for it. Yeah, no longer!! Most of these cards ring in at 47 cents and 97 cents. <– You read that right!


I was also SUPER excited to hear that Walmart accepts the Hallmark Reward Program. This program rewards you for purchasing cards. For every 5 that you buy, you earn a reward. Sign up is free and easy and you can even do it online here. Not only is it accepted at Walmart, but anywhere you purchase Hallmark cards!

Make sure you check out connectionsfromHallmark.com to sign up for Hallmark Rewards, and to see great content from other bloggers! Join in the #EasterValue conversation on Twitter.

Thanks to #collectivebias for introducing me to these awesome cards!

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A woman out to explore, celebrate, and enjoy everything that my community and living locally has to offer. Blessed with three beautiful children and an incredible husband, our family embraces adventure while dreaming of what is to come. Lover of knitting, running (although mostly after little ones right now), the color orange, fun accessories, fall, tea, and a clean kitchen floor. I spend my days in awe of my family and trying to teach my three to treat others as they would want to be treated.

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  1. 97 cents – what a great deal! I won’t pay more than a dollar for a card, but rarely do you see such a big collection of cheap cards.
    Heather recently posted…5 Things You Can Do to Help Your Child Overcome their Fear of the DarkMy Profile

  2. Hallmark will always be my goto card company. I love them so much.
    Cindy recently posted…Spring cleaning with Goodwill’s #7DaysofSpringCleaningMy Profile

  3. Now that email and text has gotten so popular even with the older generation we tend to forget to spend the time and reach out with the written word. Hallmark does such a great job at letting us find the best cards that are a perfect fit for any family member or friend. I could spend all day in a Hallmark store just reading their cards.
    O’Boy! Organic recently posted…REAL FOOD Menu Plan 4.6.14My Profile

  4. Great bargain! I love Easter cards for kids, although someone posted about “romantic” Easter cards, which is just strange.
    Gina Badalaty recently posted…Catching up on Everything with the Samsung Galaxy Note 3My Profile

  5. I’m always looking to save on cards! Often I find the dollar cards somewhat lacking in their generic pictures and sayings, but I’ve never found 97 cent HALLMARK cards! We have lots of occasions coming up, so I’ll be sure to head over and hit Walmart to check out this selection! Thanks for the suggestion!
    Stephanie recently posted…Captain America: The Winter Soldier ReviewMy Profile

  6. I love sending out cards for all occasions. The 97 cent cards make it affordable!
    reesa lewandowski recently posted…Giveaway Winners 4/7My Profile

  7. Hallmark always has the cutest ideas!

  8. Love the price and Hallmark Cards! I need to send three Easter Cards will pick them up! Thank you for sharing it!
    Claudia Krusch recently posted…Personalize your Vacation with Kleenex DesignMy Profile

  9. What a fun activity to do with the grandparents!
    Erin recently posted…Air Your Dirty LaundryMy Profile

  10. Gotta love those great prices on cards! Love the activity too!!
    Candy Olivares (@Candypo) recently posted…Thursday Thoughts 2My Profile

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