7+ Upcycled Classroom Valentines

I am all about getting rid of "stuff" this year! One of the categories that we have the most "stuff" in is crafts. We.have.a.ton.of.craft.supplies. I used to be a scrapbooker. I say used to because really just the other day is when I decided that I could no longer maintain it. I was incredibly … [Read more...]

DIY Upcycled Picture Frames

Here at our house, we have been attempting to do some spring cleaning. Notice I say attempting. ;-) And really, what I mean by spring clean, is clean-out. We have too much stuff. Ben and I say this all the time, that we have too many things and want to live a simpler life, however, it is hard to … [Read more...]

19 Reasons NOT to Just Throw Away Egg Cartons

People always (mainly my husband) make fun of me when they see the stack of egg cartons piled up high in my dining room. My response is always..."I am waiting for a really good opportunity to use them...one will come!" And one always does. There is constantly a use for these egg cartons that my … [Read more...]

9 Ways to Upcycle a Clementine Box

My daughter is a crafty one. In the days after Christmas, we started to run out of all of the "new" craft kits we had gotten as gifts. Well, that isn't entirely true. They just became "older". My in-laws were visiting and as my father-in-law and C sat at the breakfast table one morning, I couldn't … [Read more...]


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