The Vintage Homestead – The Start of Fall

Life has been busy since we moved in. The kids have started in a new school, we have been cleaning and making our home our own, and learning how to take care of our property. The hustle and bustle has been crazy and we are finally starting to make some plans and get into a routine. We certainly see … [Read more...]

Composting – How to Get Started

I have made it a goal of mine to get started with composting over this winter. Actually, as soon as possible. Last year, I watched as some scraps of food from our CSA share and meals were wasted and it made me feel terrible. As I began my garden last spring, I yearned for that mineral rich … [Read more...]

What We Can Learn From Earthworms

One thing that I really want to grasp a hold of this winter is composting. It is the perfect time to start and learn. You can't garden (well, you can, but most are taking a break) AND it is something that you can do to benefit the garden come spring. Not only do I want to begin composting but I … [Read more...]

19 Reasons NOT to Just Throw Away Egg Cartons

People always (mainly my husband) make fun of me when they see the stack of egg cartons piled up high in my dining room. My response is always..."I am waiting for a really good opportunity to use will come!" And one always does. There is constantly a use for these egg cartons that my … [Read more...]


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