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Last year, I wrote a post on “Locavore Living” every Friday. I stopped doing it toward the end of the year because I wasn’t really sure about how it was received. Recently when I asked you all to fill out a survey on your likes and dislikes and ideas for The Vintage Mom, the consensus was to bring it back! This excites me to no end because talking about living life utilizing what your immediate area has to offer makes me smile. I enjoy writing about it and I really enjoy sharing my excitement about it with you all!

Our refrigerator has been overflowing with greens lately, well, ever since our winter CSA began this past December. We have been so enjoying this produce and I have been enjoying coming up with some creative (and non-creative) ways to use it in our meal plans every week!

I thought I would share some of my favorite ways that I have been utilizing these fresh winter veggies in our meals and snacks! This is a list that I’ll keep adding to so I’d love suggestions and make sure to bookmark for later!


Spinach – I consider this one an easy one for sure! We eat spinach all.the.time. C’s favorite way to eat it is in a smoothie. I love a good spinach salad with apples, pears, and some feta of course! Spinach in soups is fabulous too. Mama H makes a rockin Spinach Tortellini Soup!

Kale – I am going to be honest here. I can’t eat another kale chip for a while. I am over them. Seriously, I loved them in th beginning but now, I’m sick of them. Okay, now that I got that one out, our staples for kale have been Sweet Cabbage and Kale Salad and Meatloaf these days. I will also stick it in a smoothie too!

Mesclun Mix – Salad…’nuff said

Arugula – I need to try making and freezing some pesto the next time we get it. I have been enjoying it in salads and on pizzas. Here are some other recipes to try too.

Pac Choi – Bring on the stir fry. I know some make soup with this. I need to get a good recipe for that!

Cabbage – Every time I get a head of cabbage from the CSA I immediately get a pot of Amazing Beef Vegetable Soup going. I need to branch out I know, but for now, those two go hand in hand!

Radicchio (okay, maybe a red, but whatever) – Eckerton is known for their radicchio. YUM! It is delicious. I used it in the Sausage and Cheese Crescents I made the other week. But in a salad is fabulous too. Or even as its own salad!

Other Veggies (Some Root, Some Not):

Squash – Okay, so there are like a million varieties of these. I get it. Regardless of what kind, roasting them is always a way to go. Most recently with acorn squash,  I made this bangin’ enchilada sauce. YUM!

Turnips – I love a good stir fry with diced turnips in it. Delicious. I haven’t tried them mashed yet, but that is coming. Turnips are great roasted too! I hear they make a mean soup ingredient as well, I just haven’t attempted yet.

Potatoes – I have been enjoying these roasted in the oven with some sunchokes. But honestly, I love a good hashbrown! Oh and soup…of course in soup!

Carrots – These are gone before we can do anything with them. My kids love them. LOVE. But soups are always a fab option.

Beets – Most definitely my favorite of the root veggies. I am obsessed with roasted beets on a salad. I love them with potatoes. We also love making beet puree for our Beet Pancakes and I just saw a recipe for beet biscuits that I need to try! Here are 9 Bangin’ Beet Recipes to try as well!

French Breakfast Radishes – Amazing. Regular radishes, I am not a huge fan of. French Breakfast, that is a whole other story. I like them in my salad and just plain.

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What have you been getting in your shares or at the farmer’s market? What have you been cooking up with them? 

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  1. One of the goals my husband and I have set for 2014 is to integrate a wider variety of veggies into our meals. These recommendations will help me do this during these winter months!
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