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A couple of days ago, I headed to NYC for a fun time at the HotToys13 party sponsored by The Big Toy Book. Lucky for me, my parents live right across the bridge from the Trenton train station (which is a super easy route into the city) AND, they always love watching the kids. So, we packed up and headed to Nanny and Pop Pops. C and G were more than excited because they get to do all kinds of things where they are there. They get treats and snacks that may not otherwise be allowed, and they play with glitter. Yes, in our house, that is an extra special treat (#iloatheglitter). H was excited because the GeoTrax came out and man, they are super fun to play with!

I came home that night from NYC after a lovely day and got to see all of the crafts they had made. Of course my creative mama came up with a few awesome projects but one of them reminded me of her. A Patchwork Pumpkin. The quilter that she is, this one involved piecing fabric scraps together. And bonus, it is super simple and one that the kids will love!

A Patchwork Pumpkin:


Halloween themed or colored fabric scraps (JoAnnes always has a cute selection, sometimes for $1 in their stores)
Modge Podge
Craft Pumpkin


1. Cut up pieces of fabric into squares. My mom used ~2 inch x 2 inch squares but that is the beauty of this project, you don’t have to be exact!
2. Go to town with the Modge Podge. Using the Modge Podge and with a paintbrush, “paint” them onto the craft pumpkin in any pattern that you (or your children) would like.
3. Let your pumpkin dry. 

* I would leave this pumpkin outside under the elements. It would be great as an indoor decoration or under a porch:)



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