Canning Season and the New Ball Blue Book Guide to Preserving

Canning season officially began last night in our house. It was one of the most fun opening nights I’ve had. :) Two friends came over, one canned with me, the other drank wine with us while we worked hard for those little 4 oz jars of precious jam. Girl talk and canning = a perfect night!

I even wore my uniform!

Strawberry Rhubarb Jam was the preserved good of the night. H and I picked last week up at Ward’s Berry Farm for the Strawberry Rhubarb Pie Bars that I made over the weekend so we opted for the market fruits this time. When it comes to canning fresh is best so we grabbed some early that morning.

So now that the seal has been broken, bring on the canning for the season. Clearly I am looking forward to the usuals…Jalapeno Jelly, Salsa, Pizza Sauce, Tomatoes. But… I am also continuing with my pact to myself that I will try a new preserved delicacy every year. I am not quite sure what this year’s will be, and honestly, it may be more than one!

ball canning

The new Ball Blue Book Guide to Preserving (37th edition) is out and we all know Ball recipes are some of my favorites. I have spent some time paging through and I think I am falling for some of the grilling sauces. We have a TON of garlic in the field right now and Garlic Mustard Sauce has a special ring to it. :)

But seriously, if you don’t have this Guide to Preserving, I HIGHLY recommend you get it. It is one of the canning essentials needed (in my opinion). The book begins with the basics of canning – the dos and don’ts and there ARE dos and don’ts when it comes to canning. In fact, I only follow tested recipes.

And then of course come the canning recipes. There are tons and they are all over the place. From jellies and jams to grilling sauces to pickled goods, oh and the pie fillings. Don’t forget the pie fillings!

Are you excited yet? Good, because I sure am. I CAN’T WAIT! Stay tuned and check out my creations as they come. Follow along on Instagram because that’s where I am hanging out these days!

Disclosure: I was provided a copy of the Ball Blue Book Guide to Preserving in order to review it. But honestly, I would have bought it on my own. 😉

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  1. Tracy Hahn says:

    I made your strawberry rhubarb jam recipe today, followed it to a tee and it did not set. I am disappointed but have yet to find a jam recipe with rhubarb that works. I think I may just give up on it. oh well that is how it goes I guess.Maybe my pectin was too old or something…..

    • What a bummer! I wonder what went wrong? I have made it twice this year so far and it turned out great! Did you do the spoon on ice water trick to make sure that the set was right before you canned it? Curious to see if the consistency was correct at that point.


  1. […] I see lots of tomato freezing, sauce making and salsa enjoying in my future! Ball even has a new recipe book out – and cucumber relish is going to be my new try for this […]

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