Roasted Beets – And A Few Ideas For What To Do With Them

Years ago if you would have asked me if I wanted roasted beets I would have looked at you cross eyed.! Honestly, I just would have been unwilling to try them. You see, I had only ever seen beets pickled with hard boiled eggs. These were the way we ate them growing up and I hated them, … [Read more...]

Winter CSA Veggies And What To Do With Them {Locavore Living}

Last year, I wrote a post on "Locavore Living" every Friday. I stopped doing it toward the end of the year because I wasn't really sure about how it was received. Recently when I asked you all to fill out a survey on your likes and dislikes and ideas for The Vintage Mom, the consensus was to bring … [Read more...]

Sweet Cabbage and Kale Salad with Lemon Poppyseed Dressing

This summer, we were over good friends of ours house for a BBQ. We had your classic, traditional burgers, chips, dip, and hot dogs. And then, we had "the salad". It was the most delicious salad that I have ever tasted. Made with a base of cabbage and and kale, Ashley put together this mix of … [Read more...]

For the Love of Kholrabi – A Carrot and Kholrabi Slaw Recipe

Kholrabi was new to me this season. It showed up one week in our CSA box and I had no idea what to do with it. So, I threw it out there on Facebook and a few friends immediately came to the rescue with memories of eating it raw as a child. I did a bit more research about this cabbagy, broccoliesh … [Read more...]

CSA Wrap-Up and a Look Back at our Winter 2012/13 Season

  I am putting on a big huge sad face this morning because it is our last CSA pick up of the season. Actually, I am sad, but really just kidding about the sad face. We are only taking a 2 week hiatus and then picking back up again. So, this week I will head up to the farm and pick up a bunch of … [Read more...]

A Special Holiday Double at Eckerton This Week

Last Week's Recap:  I have some pretty rockin' recipes to share in the coming weeks and this week was a good one for developing some new ones! Ben (with just a little bit of guidance) made a fantastic Potato Leek Soup (a super healthy, non-creamy one) last weekend. This recipe will be coming … [Read more...]

Week #2 – Our Winter CSA

So, this Tuesday, I picked up our second week's share of our winter CSA. Of course, it was on the day where the snow was pouring down. I expected the roads to be terrible heading up to the farm, but the country roads were plowed and salted while ours were not at all. Go figure...a pleasant … [Read more...]

It’s Winter CSA Time!

Unnecessary adventures often make the best memories.. If you know me, you know that I am a new-found lover of CSA's (Community Supported Agriculture). I participated in one this past summer and fell in love. Not only with the produce itself, but with the experience.  Every week, my children and I … [Read more...]


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