Double Chocolate Zucchini Bread {Recipe}

If you haven't already noticed by your overflowing gardens or the particularly green farm stands, we are in the thick of zucchini season. The thick of it! Okay, maybe it is dwindling down some - but there is still SO MUCH out there to be had! I have been lucky enough to have some kind neighbors … [Read more...]

Tangy and Tasty Rainbow Marinara Sauce {Recipe}

Who said heirlooms don't make good sauce? Well, probably no one, but either way, they do:) They make a delicious sauce and a gorgeous one at that. A homemade sauce is one of my favorite things, especially with fresh tomatoes in the summer. This summer is coming to a close but there are still plenty … [Read more...]

Plans For Our CSA Share This Week – September 4th {Locavore Living}

  Back to these CSA centered meal plans we go. It has been a while since I have done one but I have to say, I really enjoy thinking about how I am going to use my share. AND it helps me stick to a plan for sure! What did you all get in your shares this week? Have any suggestions? CSA … [Read more...]

10 Eggplant Recipes You HAVE To Try

If your CSA or Farmer's Market is anything like mine right now, it is full of EGGPLANT! I for one am not a huge pure eggplant fan and often enjoy it in something. I also do not have a large recipe repertoire built up for eggplant. Generally I have been known to either bread it and fry it to put on … [Read more...]

I Am In Love With Tomatoes…Heirlooms To Be Exact {Locavore Living}

So remember how I said before that I "taught" myself to like tomatoes last year? Well, I think I went a little overboard because now I am in love. I am in love with particularly colorful ones. Don't get me wrong, red is beautiful and all, but let's be real, how can you not love a quart full of … [Read more...]

Freezing Those Tomatoes For Use All Year Long

We are in the throws of tomato season right now. With two CSA's, we are getting A LOT of tomatoes! Honestly in my opinion, A LOT is never enough. I even grab seconds whenever I can. I have already started canning salsa and freezing my tomatoes for use in chilis, soups, and stews this winter. In … [Read more...]

A Bounty of Produce {Locavore Living}

It is weeks like these that I wish there were 30 hours in each day. I spent most of Tuesday afternoon cleaning out my fridge and freezer to get ready for some more fresh and frozen produce. Tuesday I was met by a gigantic box + 2 bags full of produce from our Sunrise CSA share. Amazing. I split this … [Read more...]

Summer CSA Adventures – July 3, 2013 {Locavore Living Link-Up}

Grilling was the theme at pick up this week and it didn't take long to figure out why...tons of fresh veggies perfect for roasting and placing in salads and taking to a picnic. This was a fun week for me because I was able to create and share some of the fun with others at a cook out that we went … [Read more...]

Chamomile and Pineapple Mint Iced Tea {Recipe}

Weeks ago I attended a Gardening Workshop. It was a spectacular event that concluded with a filling Farm-to-Table Lunch in the dell. I was lucky enough to help out with the event and while I was helping with final preparations in the kitchen I watched on as some fresh mint tea was made by a friend, … [Read more...]

Two CSA Shares? You Got It! Summer CSA Adventures – June 26th, 2013 {Locavore Living Link-Up}

CSA share #2 started this week. I headed up to Sunrise on Tuesday to grab our share and as I walked up to the big table with the menu board filled out with what would soon be put in our bags I was immediately reminded why I took on a second CSA share this season. You see, these two shares complement … [Read more...]


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