Tomatoes – A Necessity in Our Home

Tomatoes are a necessity in our house. We use them all the time, in many of our meals, and in the summer time fresh off of the tomato plants. Of course fresh tomatoes are our choice when it comes to incorporating them in our meals. We even freeze tons to last us all winter long. And,¬†there is always … [Read more...]

Sweet Tomato Sauce – Naturally Sweet With Just 5 Main Ingredients {Recipe}

Clearly I am a huge tomato fan. I love everything about this season. From cherry tomatoes to lovely large rainbow hued heirlooms to dense fleshy saucers, nothing beats the flavors of these fruits. For years I have been indulging in homemade sauce. You really can't go wrong with homemade … [Read more...]

Tangy and Tasty Rainbow Marinara Sauce {Recipe}

Who said heirlooms don't make good sauce? Well, probably no one, but either way, they do:) They make a delicious sauce and a gorgeous one at that. A homemade sauce is one of my favorite things, especially with fresh tomatoes in the summer. This summer is coming to a close but there are still plenty … [Read more...]

Homemade Pizza Sauce {Recipe}

It is fresh tomato season and that means creating! We are a big pizza family and have been trying to do more homemade ones recently, particularly grilled. I had a quart of paste tomatoes and a few others sitting on the counter from our CSA share and they needed to get used so I figured I would … [Read more...]

Freezing Those Tomatoes For Use All Year Long

We are in the throws of tomato season right now. With two CSA's, we are getting A LOT of tomatoes! Honestly in my opinion, A LOT is never enough. I even grab seconds whenever I can. I have already started canning salsa and freezing my tomatoes for use in chilis, soups, and stews this winter. In … [Read more...]


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