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It is weeks like these that I wish there were 30 hours in each day. I spent most of Tuesday afternoon cleaning out my fridge and freezer to get ready for some more fresh and frozen produce. Tuesday I was met by a gigantic box + 2 bags full of produce from our Sunrise CSA share. Amazing. I split this share and when my share buddy came to pick up her half, her response was, “Surely this hasn’t been split yet”. Oh yes, it already had.

Wednesday, I picked up our share from Eckerton Hill Farm, a bit of a smaller bounty but one packed with flavor.

I explained earlier in the season just why I chose to get two shares this summer and I have certainly been proven right over the last few weeks.

What are we doing with all of this produce?

My family did some experimenting with meals this week from all of our produce. One of these meals really hit the spot and has certainly turned into one of my favorites. We tweaked ¬†Happy Healthnut’s Southwest Stuffed Poblano Peppers a bit and for us, it is perfect! I have been wanting to experiment with quinoa more lately and the way that she describes it in this recipe was fabulous…

Now, let’s talk cucumbers. I have been inundated with them! I have already canned some pickles and made some refrigerator ones, so I have been enjoying all I can in salads and with hummus. As for the rest? I am giving them to friends that love cucumbers (this makes my heart happy!).

The one thing that I have been the most excited for this summer (other than Melissa and Rako’s cantaloupes and watermelons) are Tim Stark’s heirloom tomatoes. My dreams of them are starting to play out and they are more delicious than I ever could have imagined. Mama H loves tomatoes just as much as I do and she was just over for a night. We dined on pizza topped with orange and yellow hued tomatoes, goat cheese, and bell peppers. Then we spent all of Wednesday night canning our first batches of homemade salsa with some seconds. Last year we only made enough to last us until Feb. This year WILL be different! We eat a lot of salsa! I’ll say it yet again, Eckerton’s heirloom tomatoes…AMAZING!


C was pretty excited when she saw the bunches of beets that came in this week. I fear these may be some of the last so we are going to do the best we can stocking up on beet puree for Beet Pancakes. The rest I am roasting for sure.

As for new produce, we got some Okra in our share this week and I have NEVER cooked Okra before…exciting! Have you ever cooked Okra? Got any recipes? What are you excited about cooking this coming week?



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  1. So I am not into veggies but your post make me want to try!! Also do you have a DIY salsa canning post?

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