Garlic Scape and Basil Pesto – Nut Free

So, we are inundated with garlic! The day I dreamed of is finally here - harvest day. Okay, so we've been harvesting herbs for a little bit, but the garlic, the garlic is here! I am going to go on record saying that garlic was the best gardening decision I ever made (so far). And I plan on … [Read more...]

The Vintage Homestead: Some New Equipment and Progress

We are at the point where I feel like everything that needed to be done before winter and needed to be bought before winter has been. Now it's time to settle in and see where we are in terms of our real budget and abilities to redo some of the things we want inside the house. We need to evaluate … [Read more...]

Saving Pumpkin Seeds to Plant – A How-To

It's that time of the year! Pumpkin time. It is also the time of the year where your kids get like 15 of these bad boys (some are sugar ones - save those) and you don't know what to do with them all. Well, carve them of course, display them, and roast their seeds - some of them anyway. But save … [Read more...]

The Vintage Homestead – The Start of Fall

Life has been busy since we moved in. The kids have started in a new school, we have been cleaning and making our home our own, and learning how to take care of our property. The hustle and bustle has been crazy and we are finally starting to make some plans and get into a routine. We certainly see … [Read more...]

13 Reasons Every Family Should Plant At Least One Seed

  We aren't all gardeners. I realize that gardening isn't for everyone. I realize that getting dirty, the trial and error, the sometimes lack of produce, and hard work that gardening can take isn't for everyone. I get it. BUT, I also realize what planting a small something, how offering a pot … [Read more...]

Simple Gardening – The UrbMat – Amazing!!

All right, so in full disclosure, I have not yet tested out this product. Literally, some information came through my inbox and after checking it out more and more, I have become completely obsessed with this UrbMat and super excited about the possibilities that it provides! So, let's chat about … [Read more...]

Composting – How to Get Started

I have made it a goal of mine to get started with composting over this winter. Actually, as soon as possible. Last year, I watched as some scraps of food from our CSA share and meals were wasted and it made me feel terrible. As I began my garden last spring, I yearned for that mineral rich … [Read more...]

What We Can Learn From Earthworms

One thing that I really want to grasp a hold of this winter is composting. It is the perfect time to start and learn. You can't garden (well, you can, but most are taking a break) AND it is something that you can do to benefit the garden come spring. Not only do I want to begin composting but I … [Read more...]

Lettuce and Herb Gardeners – That is Not Me and It is Okay!

Gardening is an activity that I began 4 years ago. I had always wanted to garden, but it was 4 years ago that I finally felt like I could take it on. In these 4 years, my garden has flourished and my garden has failed. Each and every year I learn something (actually many things) that I did not know … [Read more...]

9 General Tips for Plant Transplanting Success

After this year, and all of the wonderful plants that I have received from a friend, I am a huge advocate of swapping plants. When I headed to my friends house to grab some of the plants that she so kindly split for me, I picked her brain about some of the best tips for transplanting success. Using … [Read more...]


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