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All right, so in full disclosure, I have not yet tested out this product. Literally, some information came through my inbox and after checking it out more and more, I have become completely obsessed with this UrbMat and super excited about the possibilities that it provides! So, let’s chat about it.

So this guy, Phil, started this company, UrbnEarth with the idea that it is far to difficult to supply your own healthy homegrown veggies living in an urban environment and that growing our food is the solution to many of our societies health problems. Just in case you hadn’t already figured this out, I agree wholeheartedly with this sentiment. From Phil’s company and his mission, the UrbMat was born with the intention of helping families, educators, children, really anyone and everyone, learn about gardening and protecting urban resources.

The UrbMat is perfect for small spaces at 3 feet x 2 feet yet grows 12 types of non-GMO herbs, vegetables, and flowers. Conservation of water is a key feature with its own built in irrigation system. They also last for 3+ years. It is an interesting concept of how you plant the “grow-ups”. Take a look:

UrbMat Corner Raised Bed Garden

Everything comes in the kit. The only thing you need to provide is 6″ deep of healthy soil (if you don’t have any in the ground, build a raised bed). And 12 different plants (all companion style). I plan on purchasing one stat so that I can get started this season and I may even be purchasing one for a special classroom too!

Make sure you preorder one now as they are flying! If you want 15% off, use the code VINTAGE at checkout!

With every UrbMat that is bought, 2 meals are donated to children suffering from hunger in the U.S. – giving back:) Oh and it is Made in the USA!

If you are interested in hearing more about how the company got started and about Phil, I enjoyed this interview by Forbes.

**Disclosure: I am really buying one of these. I am really in love with the concept! There is an affiliate code in this post. 


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  1. This looks like a really great option for someone like me who has to do patio gardening. LOve that it is non-gmo
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