DIY Paint Your Own Throw Pillow

So you all know by now that I love a good DIY project. Of course, they are never ending here at this house! The first thing that we did when we moved into our home in MA was paint our bedroom. I needed a nice clean space to call my own. Now that it (and the 5 million coats on the teal trim) have … [Read more...]

Painted Snowman Ornament Tutorial

There's just something about a snowman that makes me smile. The thought of C, G, and H making them on a snowy day, the simplicity of three balls of snow, a corn cob pipe and a button nose, or memories of Frosty songs long sung. These memories all bring joy and because of that, snowmen have become … [Read more...]

DIY Barn Figures With Wooden Pegs

Just last month H turned 3. I don't know how it happened. Suddenly my last born can talk in full sentences, laugh at jokes, run around and play, catch a football better than me, and is like a real grown little boy. Crazy! One thing he loves is figures and cars and trains. He likes talking with them, … [Read more...]

DIY Yarn Ball Snowman Craft

I am a knitter and so clearly I am addicted to all things yarn. I love the look, I love the feel, I love using it for everything I can. I've got a yarn stash that can feed my knitting for years to come. It started when I was in my early 20's as I took classes at The Lamb's Wool in Lansdale and has … [Read more...]

A DIY Natural Easter Centerpiece {Tutorial}

Today is a great day! I am participating in an #AllThingsEaster Grown-up Giveaway with a bunch of other fabulous bloggers (read on)! AND...I get to share a fun craft and simple yet gorgeous centerpiece with you all! A DIY Natural Easter Centerpiece to be exact. 26 recipes, ideas and more from 26 … [Read more...]

7+ Upcycled Classroom Valentines

I am all about getting rid of "stuff" this year! One of the categories that we have the most "stuff" in is crafts. I used to be a scrapbooker. I say used to because really just the other day is when I decided that I could no longer maintain it. I was incredibly … [Read more...]

Printable Valentine’s Day Picture and Tutorial

I'm back with another tutorial for a holiday printable. This time it is a Printable Valentine's Day Picture. I love the colors of this beautiful day. Bright, fun, a pick me up in your house for sure. The only thing that makes it better are sweet words that you can pick on your own. I posted a … [Read more...]

Christmas Charm Round Up for the Rainbow Loom

A month or so ago, my good friend Barb from A Life in Balance wrote a post on How to Rainbow Loom Frugally. It was a hit! Her kids have been really into creating charms using the Rainbow Loom so she was kind enough to write a round up for The Vintage Mom on some of the videos they have been using to … [Read more...]

DIY Children’s Christmas Craft – Hand Sewn Ornament

Nothing is more fun for a kid than learning to sew. C is 6 and G is 5 and they have been sewing for well over a year so really no age is too young to start teaching them. They have sewn Tooth Fairy Bears, Easter Eggs, you name it. ¬†Allowing them to create something with their own two hands and … [Read more...]

How to Rainbow Loom Frugally

My good friend Barb from Frugal Local Kitchen is guest posting today on a topic that I know of well...the Rainbow Loom. C is obsessed with it. Remember those gimp bracelets (the flat plastic)? I liken it to those and the trend that was going on when I was growing up. I used to beg my mom to take me … [Read more...]


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