Painted Snowman Ornament Tutorial

There's just something about a snowman that makes me smile. The thought of C, G, and H making them on a snowy day, the simplicity of three balls of snow, a corn cob pipe and a button nose, or memories of Frosty songs long sung. These memories all bring joy and because of that, snowmen have become … [Read more...]

Grandma’s Chocolate Drop Cookies {Recipe} #RealCookieSwap

One of my very favorite cookies also happens to be one of Ben's --> score! AND a family recipe --> double score! When I met Ben he had long been enjoying what his family called Chocolate Drop Cookies. His grandmother had made them as he was growing up and it was such a treat to eat them. … [Read more...]

DIY Yarn Ball Snowman Craft

I am a knitter and so clearly I am addicted to all things yarn. I love the look, I love the feel, I love using it for everything I can. I've got a yarn stash that can feed my knitting for years to come. It started when I was in my early 20's as I took classes at The Lamb's Wool in Lansdale and has … [Read more...]

Must Have Baking Supplies List For The Holidays

Every year around this time I start to get ready for holiday baking. I get for cookie swaps, hosting dinners, and maybe a girls night out or two. I love to be prepared. Nothing is worse than getting ready to make cookies and finding out that you don't have _______. So, of course I always make sure … [Read more...]

7 Inviting DIY Christmas Wreaths

I love a good holiday wreath. I really LOVE a good holiday wreath! Every year as we head out to get our tree, I make sure that when we cut it down (yes, we totally cut our own), Ben saves tons of those bottom branches for wreath making. I usually have enough to make two full wreaths. Depending on … [Read more...]

Printable Valentine’s Day Picture and Tutorial

I'm back with another tutorial for a holiday printable. This time it is a Printable Valentine's Day Picture. I love the colors of this beautiful day. Bright, fun, a pick me up in your house for sure. The only thing that makes it better are sweet words that you can pick on your own. I posted a … [Read more...]

Santa’s Paradise Express – A Day Out at The Strasburg Railroad and Choo Choo Barn

H is obsessed with trains. Obsessed. Choo Choo was definitely his first phrase and after "bishie", one of his first words. He loves trains! Last year we went to The Choo Choo Barn and Strasburg for a train ride. Of course C and G loved it (any kid does), but H was still in a stroller and … [Read more...]

7 Teacher Gift Ideas

I LOVE finding fun gifts for some of the most important people in my children's lives. I generally try to make something for them that they will enjoy because I am much more of the homemade type. That said, buying the right gift works too.:) Now, I may be getting this wrong BUT most of those that … [Read more...]

5 Holiday Themed Things To Do in Berks and Lancaster County

One thing I LOVE about the area in which we live is the fact that there is NEVER a lack of things to do. This is true especially around the holidays. Since we moved into the area 7 years ago, we have found our fair share of family Christmas activities that we seem to go back to every year. There are … [Read more...]

Our Advent Calendar Line-Up 2013

Last year I wrote about Ideas to Spice Up Your Advent Calendar. We do a non-traditional advent calendar in this house with activities instead of "things" for most days. It has worked so well as we end up spending much more time together doing the things we love around the holiday season instead of … [Read more...]


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