How to Rainbow Loom Frugally

My good friend Barb from Frugal Local Kitchen is guest posting today on a topic that I know of well…the Rainbow Loom. C is obsessed with it. Remember those gimp bracelets (the flat plastic)? I liken it to those and the trend that was going on when I was growing up. I used to beg my mom to take me to the store for different colors! There is one small difference. Man, the plastic string was cheap and the Rainbow Loom…it can get expensive! Not saying it isn’t totally worth it. Heck, C takes that thing everywhere AND, it doesn’t require batteries or talk to her, it is just pure old-school fun! Barb is one frugal mama and she is here to chat about how you can save some money on this craze:)


The Rainbow Loom craze exploded this summer in our area. Colorful rubber band show up all over my house while the neighborhood girls hold looming sessions on my back porch. Despite the target audience being young girls 8 and up, boys have just as much fun making bracelets and necklaces; I’ve seen 6 and 7 year olds make bracelets with a little assistance in getting started. As a mom, I love seeing the older and younger kids work together to figure out new patterns. For $17, you can buy a kit made up of plastic pegs and 600 different colored rubber bands which make about 24 bracelets. The cost of additional rubber bands and a case to keep everything together, and out of your rugs, can start to add up, especially if your kids get hooked on looming. Since the instructions that come with the kit are a bit vague, head to YouTube for instructional videos or find an older child who can help your child get started. Rainbow Loom Kit deals are starting to pop up online, and you should see more savings as we get into the holiday season. Up until this fall, the few stores stocking the Rainbow Loom kits, Michael’s Craft Stores, Hallmark, Learning Express, and A.C. Moore, were not able to offer a discount on the kit. This week, Plum District offered a $12 deal for the Loom, Hook Tools, S Clips and additional charms. Tanga is offering a Deluxe Kit with 1200 bands, S clips, and 2 Loom Hook Tools for $4.99 (it’s not clear if the plastic pegs are included).

Store Your Rainbow Loom Supplies Frugally


The official Rainbow Loom storage case runs about $17, though they’re selling out of the stores very quickly. Thanks to a 40% off sale at JoAnn Fabrics in early October, I pulled together a Rainbow Loom storage box for only $9.57. The Iris brand (similar to this one on Amazon has a clear suitcase-type plastic box big enough to hold a Rainbow LoomŽ, a Mini Rainbow LoomŽ, a hook, a bag of c-clips, and 2 7-compartment organizers holding a total of 14 different colors of bands. The 2 rubber band organizers have a locking mechanism preventing the rubber bands from falling out if dropped. If you miss the JoAnn Fabrics sale, use their 40% off coupon from the paper or a flyer to save money on the storage case itself. Your total cost would be $11.97, still saving you about $5 on the case.


How to Save on Rainbow Loom Supplies

Those colorful rubber bands can add up, too, especially if your kids want the glow in the dark bands or the neon colored bands. Hallmark sells packs of 600 rubber bands with a bag of c-clips, enough to make 24 bracelets for $2.99 ($.004 per rubber band). Learning Express sells them for $3.99 for the same size packet of 600 rubber bands ($.006 per rubber band), and Five Below sells them 3 packs of 300 rubber bands for $5.00 ($.005 per rubber band). Toys R Us carries a similar product called the Cra-Z-Loom Rubber Band Bracelet maker for $14.99. Their packets of 900 rubber band bracelet refills cost $5.99 and come in 3 different types – neon, ultimate and bright and bold ($.006 per rubber band).

You can also make the Rainbow Loom bracelets by hand or with a crochet hook, saving $17 on the initial kit. Since regular crochet hooks are sold separately in the knitting section of craft stores, use a store coupon to save on the hook and another one for your storage containers, and pick up the band refill packages at Hallmark.


Learn New Rainbow Loom Patterns Online

The official Rainbow Loom site offers 27 patterns via instructional videos, along with 2 for the mini Rainbow Loom. How-To Rainbow Loom videos are all over YouTube. You can start with the official channel for Rainbow Loom, or do a search for “Rainbow Loom” “stretch band.” As a parent, I would preview the YouTube videos before letting my kids watch them. Find 40+ stretch band patterns on the A.C. Moore site incorporating beads, charms, and other fun items. Hop on the Rainbow Loom craze, and make tons of bracelets and other stretch jewelry. You can make them in the doctor’s office; you can make them on the sidelines of a soccer game; you can make them while watching tv at night. Coordinate the colors with your favorite sports team, or must-wear outfit. Create your own pattern, and share it with your friends.


Here is a great post on Creating Christmas Charms for the Rainbow Loom too!


What’s your kids’ favorite Rainbow Loom pattern? Barb-profile

is a mom of 5 kids who spends her day keeping track of socks, stuffed animals, library books, and a 4 year old when she isn’t writing about all the frugality, gardening, cooking, and reading she manages to fit in between the chaotic moments. She can be found at A Life in Balance or Frugal Local Kitchen.

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A woman out to explore, celebrate, and enjoy everything that my community and living locally has to offer. Blessed with three beautiful children and an incredible husband, our family embraces adventure while dreaming of what is to come. Lover of knitting, running (although mostly after little ones right now), the color orange, fun accessories, fall, tea, and a clean kitchen floor. I spend my days in awe of my family and trying to teach my three to treat others as they would want to be treated.

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  1. I love this! Those little rubber bands are all over my house, so I need to pick up a storage case soon. Thanks for the price breakdowns!
    Annemarie @ Real Food Real Deals recently posted…Pumpkin Macaroni and CheeseMy Profile

  2. awesome post – great ideas! who doesn’t love to rainbow loom?

  3. I am dying for a Rainbow Loom…I really really want one!! My kids are 5 and 3….are they too young?

  4. Love this! My daughter and her friends are all obsessed!
    lesa recently posted…The Put Together MamaMy Profile

  5. Totally bookmarking this post – my daughter makes them sans kit!
    Kelly Raudenbush recently posted…Overthinking foster careMy Profile

  6. Great advice! We have 2 kits and could definitely use some frugal tips. :-)
    Jo-Lynne Shane {Musings of a Housewife} recently posted…Plastic Surgery: Would You or Wouldn’t You?My Profile

  7. Definitely pinning this for our holiday shopping. Rainbow looms are already on the list!
    Alissa recently posted…Easy Ideas for Personalized Gifts #GiftsByBSKMy Profile

  8. I can’t wait till my daughter is old enough to start doing these bracelets. I want to do it now: though. Looks like so much fun.
    Musings on Motherhood and Midlife recently posted…Preparing Your Family for the Next HurricaneMy Profile

  9. You can get the plastic organizing box at walmart in the fishing section for $5.

  10. Love this post, those refill packs get expensive when your kids are making 10 bracelets a day lol!

    I put together this site for my girls, we add new instructions every day so check back often!
    Rainbow Loom Dad! recently posted…Diamond Trio Bracelet InstructionsMy Profile

  11. Hi! I’m buying these as a present. Can s clips be used with the rainbow loom instead of c clips? I’ve found fantastic packs of 300 bands with s clips for .99¢ each.

  12. Sorry, one more question. What are the exact dimensions of the loom and mini loom? I don’t want to open the box to find out since it is a gift, but I need to know the dimensions so I can get a storage box. Thanks in advance for your help!

  13. Are all different brands of rubber bands the same size? I bought a Rainbow Loom but am finding off brand rubber bands that are cheaper than the Rainbow brand.

    • Yes, all of the ones that I have had experience with are the same size:) There are lots of different varieties out there!

      • Actually I think it’s a bit better to buy the really rainbowloom… Other ones snap easily are thicker (or thinner) and are sometimes really stiff

        • Thanks for the comment Brady! We have had some luck with the “other” ones but I will say, my kids are generally fairly careful with them and my son (he has the other version) uses it less than my daughter. :)

  14. Thanks So Much for the helpful info!

  15. I love the idea of putting your bands into different mason jars and labeling the tops. Definately something i want to do!


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