Water Damage – We Don’t Need A Repeat of 2013!

One day back in August of 2013, Ben's grandmother was visiting. She was hanging out with the kids downstairs and I was upstairs taking a shower. I remember it being a pleasant morning. It was just relaxing - no where to go, now one to see, the kids were just hanging out. After I got out of the … [Read more...]

Letting It All Out – Growing Grass, Friends, And A MomMixer NOT To Be Missed!

So I told you about the hole, right? The gigantic, not to be missed hole in my front yard? Yep, well it's still there. The plumber/excavator came back this week to break up the rocks and dirt and rake it out. Not an easy feat in this neck of the woods. There were a few rocks:) They also laid some … [Read more...]

Letting It All Out: Peter Rabbit, Boston, and a Birthday Party!

The name of the game for this week was whirlwind! We started off in PA, getting ready for a trip up to New England. Thanks to my mom, I got a bunch of work done and was able to leave the house in "show ready" condition. Tuesday afternoon, I headed out to the school to see C in her first ever … [Read more...]


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