2015 Brings Changes Both Inside and Out

Whoa. <-- That is all I can say about 2014. Ben and I were talking the other day as we drove to PA. We chatted about just the kind of year 2014 was. We started off in January with just a hint that would be moving to Boston. Okay, it was a bit more than a hint, but really, we never dreamed that … [Read more...]

Letting It All Out: It’s Almost Over…Well, Not Really:)

OMG. That is all I have to say about the last week of our lives. Thanks for bearing with me because I haven't posted in oh, a week. Well, I have taken the last few days at my parents house to relax and regroup and get ready because there is a full summer ahead. My head is bursting with fun … [Read more...]

Letting It All Out – Moving. That Is All.

The emotions have started. I sat down today and realized that we officially have only 17 more nights in this house. And a few of those will most likely be on air mattresses as the moving process is beginning a bit sooner. Have I mentioned that I love my house. We did not decide to move because of … [Read more...]

Letting It All Out – Proud Mom Moments, Diego Velazquez, and Cheese

This week was full. It felt like one of the longest ever. Not at all in a bad way, just in a way that as I look back on it, I can't imagine everything that happened and we accomplished! Last Sunday, we went to another race in our Healthy Kids Running Series. Yet again I was blown away by the … [Read more...]

Letting It All Out – Rain, #Boston, And A 20 House Tour

The week went by SO quick which is good (and bad). I started in PA and ended in MA. And boy was it a whirlwind of an adventure! So I can officially say (I think) that we sold our house. We've passed the inspection with just a few small things to fix and the appraiser has been out though no … [Read more...]

Letting It All Out – Growing Grass, Friends, And A MomMixer NOT To Be Missed!

So I told you about the hole, right? The gigantic, not to be missed hole in my front yard? Yep, well it's still there. The plumber/excavator came back this week to break up the rocks and dirt and rake it out. Not an easy feat in this neck of the woods. There were a few rocks:) They also laid some … [Read more...]

Letting It All Out: Peter Rabbit, Boston, and a Birthday Party!

The name of the game for this week was whirlwind! We started off in PA, getting ready for a trip up to New England. Thanks to my mom, I got a bunch of work done and was able to leave the house in "show ready" condition. Tuesday afternoon, I headed out to the school to see C in her first ever … [Read more...]

Letting It All Out – Fancy Dances, Forsythia, and Girl Time in NYC

This week was a good week. But it was a busy week! I feel like it went so slow yet we had a million things to do. It is amazing what a week, one entire week, of temperatures above 40 degrees will do for you and the kids. Getting outside to play each and every day after school was good for the … [Read more...]

Letting It All Out: Friends, Hikes, and Little Guys

I'm gonna be totally and completely honest. This week started off entirely crappily. <-- Totally not a word. I get it. We had buyers for the house that were THIS close to making an offer. And then they didn't and ended up going with another house at the very last moment. We wholeheartedly with … [Read more...]

Letting All Out: A Bad Case of Poison Ivy, Karma, and Things to Be Thankful For

This week started off with a LOT of itching. Remember last week I talked about how antsy I was? I am not a patient person that can just sit around and wait so last Thursday I thought it would be a great idea to start edging out the flower beds. It was a beautiful day. The kids were riding bikes, … [Read more...]


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