8 Crazy Things You Do When Selling Your House

So everyone knows that just a few months ago we were in the throws of selling our house. Listen, I knew when we made the decision to move to Boston that this would be a crazy time in our lives. I knew that my personality is NOT geared toward waiting while we "find the right buyer". I was prepared … [Read more...]

Diary Of A New Home: Two Weeks Out And Here’s Our Progress

We closed two weeks ago today. When we bought this home, we knew that the owners had been living down on the Cape for a while. When we did the walk through we found that it may have been longer than we originally thought. Homes that haven't been lived in for a while generally have things "pop … [Read more...]

Welcome to Our New Home!

I am sitting here on the eve of our closing date. The kids are excited to run around in a new yard. And Ben and I are excited to finally start to put our roots down here. Oh yeah, and to have a grill...and a yard. :) Let me introduce to you to (some of) our new home. Get prepared because there is … [Read more...]

Exploring New Territory This Summer – The Boston Area

So this whole move thing hasn't exactly been all sugar coated. I didn't really talk a lot about it because I was a bit weird about people knowing, but Ben was living in Boston for the last 4 1/2 months while we were in PA selling our house and finishing out the school year. He came home every … [Read more...]

It Stinks In Here! How To Get Smells Out

So...we made the move to Massachusetts! It isn't all said and done though. We finally bought a home, BUT, we don't settle for another month. Luckily, Ben's relocation came with some time in a furnished apartment so...we are living it up apartment style (read 1000sq. ft.) for a while. Ben moved … [Read more...]

Letting It All Out: It’s Almost Over…Well, Not Really:)

OMG. That is all I have to say about the last week of our lives. Thanks for bearing with me because I haven't posted in oh, a week. Well, I have taken the last few days at my parents house to relax and regroup and get ready because there is a full summer ahead. My head is bursting with fun … [Read more...]

Finally Thinking Better About Our Finances

Ben and I got married right out of college. We started dating in 9th grade, got engaged the summer after our Junior year at UNH, and then got hitched the October after we graduated (best.party.ever!). We were young and knew very little about "real world" finances. We both had jobs, so that was a … [Read more...]

Letting It All Out – Rain, #Boston, And A 20 House Tour

The week went by SO quick which is good (and bad). I started in PA and ended in MA. And boy was it a whirlwind of an adventure! So I can officially say (I think) that we sold our house. We've passed the inspection with just a few small things to fix and the appraiser has been out though no … [Read more...]

Flock of Cranes – A Simple DIY Piece of Art {Giveaway}

So, we are selling our house. We have been purging, decluttering, and organizing like crazy! Man it feels good. Now that we have completely cleaned house, we are getting ready to sell. One thing that everyone always tells you is that neutral, less personalized pieces are best, so I went on a … [Read more...]

So…We’re Moving To Boston!!!

  The picture says it all! We are moving! The exclamation points tell a story of pure excitement and joy, and yes, for the most part that is true. The big BUT is the other emotions that are all mixed in with those. Let me start from the beginning... Once upon a time there was a boy and a … [Read more...]


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