Water Damage – We Don’t Need A Repeat of 2013!


One day back in August of 2013, Ben’s grandmother was visiting. She was hanging out with the kids downstairs and I was upstairs taking a shower. I remember it being a pleasant morning. It was just relaxing – no where to go, now one to see, the kids were just hanging out. After I got out of the shower and as I was blow drying my hair, G casually walked into my bedroom and proceeded to calmly tell me that there was water in the hallway downstairs. Great I thought, who spilt something? As I walked downstairs, I realized something was wrong – very wrong. Water was coming through the door of the bathroom and flooding the whole foyer.


I ran in, tried to stop it. Grabbed towels, tried to mop up the water. It was horrendous. Absolutley horrendous.


As the rest of the day unfolded I learned:

1. We had a clog in the sewer line that was between the house and the street. Any water that was going out couldn’t get out so came back in. I guess it was a bad day to run the dishwasher, do laundry, AND take a shower. :/

2. You can’t clean up a whole downstairs with 20 towels.

3. Friends in crisis situations are key. The kids thankfully were watched by one of my dearest.

4. If you have water damage, immediately call your insurance who will then tell you to call the emergency damage services – in our case, ServePro – who will then come in and rip out everything touched by water ASAP in hopes of drying it all out as quickly as possible.

5. Water damages things and it damages them FAST. Ben’s entire recording studio in the basement was trashed as water flooded downstairs into the basement. Floors, fixtures, furniture – gone.

And it is that last point that I now will never forget.

Water damage is devastating. 

People don’t think of water as a method of destruction, but oh it is and it destroys quickly. Sure your life may not be at risk (thankfully!) but your treasures, your livelihood, they sure are. Just ask anyone who has ever had their water heater explode, a bathtub overflow, or hell, a sewer line clog.

My dad has for years has had a water alarm installed in his upstairs bathroom. I joked and poked fun. Until the day that my house flooded. No more joking – it is the smartest choice in the world.

So clearly when we had the opportunity to put water alarms in our new house we took it quickly. Have you even heard of a water alarm? Don’t worry, I hadn’t either.

The Water Alarm is a small square (or circle) device (about 3 inches by 3 inches for the Original). It is an early warning devide for water leaks from pipes, dishwashers, water heaters, you name it. These alarms sit on 4 metal prongs (sensor legs) allowing them to detect water before any build up has occured. When in contact with water they set off a 110 dB alarm (the loudest on the market) to alert you to an issue.

What if you aren’t around when it alams? It will continue to alarm for 72 hours if not stopped. Like a smoke detector, the alarm is run on 9V batteries and will chirp when it’s time for changing which is usually every 2 years or so.

Right now we have a Water Alarm placed in our basement near our hot water heater. We chose the Water Screamer for this location because it sets off an alarm at 130 db so it can be heard throughout the whole house. Since the water heater is a whole floor house, what’s the good if you don’t hear it? The db amount is key as just a few decibels make a huge difference and 130 is a ton, again, the loudest on the market. Another great use for this particular alarm would be near the sump pump, we just don’t have a sump pump. There is a special accessory that you can get to make sure you hear the alarm immediately by allowing water to be sensed before it even reaches the level basement floor.

We also have the Original Water Alarm in our laundry room – heaven forbid the washing machine leak. And we keep one under each toilet. I am petrified of the water back up again. Petrified.

Seriously, these alarms offer me the ability to be able to relax at night. I realize that not everyone has had water damage but take it from me, you don’t want to. Just look what it can do. And I have heard of worse. It is worth the small amount of money you will pay and set up is no time at all.

You can see how it works for yourself.

You can purchase The Water Alarm from their website
**Disclosure: I received water alarms for the purpose of review. I have been prepared to put these in and they were a manditory since our accident. All thoughts and opinions about them are my own. 

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