17 Ways to Cook A Pork Tenderloin

After doing almost a years worth of meal plans, I realize that one of my fall back meals is Pork Tenderloin. I love making it in the summer because it is quick and easy and works well with our busy schedules. I love making it in the winter because all of those delicious root vegetables go fabulously … [Read more...]

6 Natural Water Alternatives: Staying Hydrated

I have to admit...I don't really like to drink water. I know, I know, it is the best thing for you. Forget the sugary drinks, I get it. It's not that I want to drink sugary drinks all the time, it's just that water isn't that appealing to me so I end up drinking nothing instead. Which is NOT a … [Read more...]

Earth Day 2014 – A Round Up My Favorite Posts This Year

Call me a hippie, call me a tree hugger (no really, please do, I love that), call me what you will, I love Earth Day. Totally not planned, I even had a baby on the day, which I also love. I enjoy the awareness that surrounds this day. I enjoy the thought that this awareness may get some people … [Read more...]

6 Dinner Ideas For St. Patrick’s Day

So last year, I went scouring the internet (okay, maybe Pinterest and Tastespotting) for a delicious St. Patrick's Day meal that I could serve on March 17th to the family. I am Irish. My darling, amazing, grandmother, my children's Supernanny, is Irish. Her mother's maiden name is Purcell. I find … [Read more...]

13 Fondue Recipes For An At Home Date Night

We are in the thick of raising children. That is exactly how I would describe us and it is lovely! There is nothing bad about it. Of course it makes it more difficult to do some things like for example GO OUT ON A DATE! Now, I don't want it to sound like we can never ever get out. That is just … [Read more...]

Winter Soup Round Up: 25 New Soups to Try

So this week it has been like negative a million degrees. Well, maybe not negative a million. But it has been cold. Cold AND windy! I can feel the chill outside everytime I walk by the front door. I have been finding comfort in my cowl neck sweaters and comfy LLBean sock slippers. The one thing I … [Read more...]

An Appetizer Round Up to Ring in the New Year

I heart appetizers. They can take the place of a meal when you mix and match a whole bunch of them together and it is the perfect chance to try some new foods and combinations! Below are some of my favorite apps that I have come across over the last year (okay maybe longer). Bacon Mac and … [Read more...]


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