Our Top 10 Favorite Family Dinners

I have been meal planning for well over a year now. It has helped us stick to a budget, eat well rounded meals and feel less stressed during the busy weeks. I do love my meal plans! I thought it would be fun to share with you our top 10 Favorite Family Dinners. All of these are tried and true. … [Read more...]

Winter Squash: Everything You Need To Know

One of my favorite things about the fall is the realization that though the tomatoes, fruits, and summer veggies might be coming to an end, there is a whole new harvest waiting for me. Walking into my first October market, I find myself feeling rejuvenated and ready for the beautiful colors that are … [Read more...]

Weekly Meal Plan: October 5th – October 11th

I am sitting here on Sunday night writing up our meal plan. Ben already took care of Sunday's dinner with the kids. I got back late this evening from a girl's trip to New York City! We had a blast. I got invited by the "beach moms" (the group of lovely ladies that took me under their wing every week … [Read more...]

Strawberry Pick-Your-Own Season: What To Do With Your Haul

Strawberry "Pick-Your-Own" season is in full swing here on the east coast. C and I headed out the last weekend of May to make sure to be the first ones at the farm to pick. We failed miserably. Arriving 5 minutes before 7 a.m., we were about the 20th there! The fields were full of anxious pickers … [Read more...]

Weekly Meal Plan – February 1st-8th

We went slightly off plan last week. Not for many days, really just for two...Friday and Saturday. My parents came over these two days. Have I mentioned that my mom is a wonderful cook? Well, Friday she brought G BBQ Spareribs. Yep, you read that right, my 5 year old son got BBQ Spareribs from his … [Read more...]

13 Fondue Recipes For An At Home Date Night

We are in the thick of raising children. That is exactly how I would describe us and it is lovely! There is nothing bad about it. Of course it makes it more difficult to do some things like for example GO OUT ON A DATE! Now, I don't want it to sound like we can never ever get out. That is just … [Read more...]

A Recipe Swap Party….For Soups!

The other night I had some friends over. I invited my favorite Pampered Chef Consultant, Kim Zientek and threw a Soup and Slippers (although now that I think about it, no slippers were involved) party. I have been wanting to have a real life recipe swap and so I figured it was the perfect … [Read more...]

Roasted Beets – And A Few Ideas For What To Do With Them

Years ago if you would have asked me if I wanted roasted beets I would have looked at you cross eyed. Ummm...no! Honestly, I just would have been unwilling to try them. You see, I had only ever seen beets pickled with hard boiled eggs. These were the way we ate them growing up and I hated them, … [Read more...]

An Appetizer Round Up to Ring in the New Year

I heart appetizers. They can take the place of a meal when you mix and match a whole bunch of them together and it is the perfect chance to try some new foods and combinations! Below are some of my favorite apps that I have come across over the last year (okay maybe longer). Bacon Mac and … [Read more...]

11 Must Try Crock-Pot Entree Recipes

I realize that EVERYONE follows, pins, and posts about their favorite crock-pot meals. I too am a "pinner" of crock-pot meals. Selfishly I am writing my own round-up of crock pot meals that I just have to try this fall. We have been going crazy with after school activities and honestly even … [Read more...]


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