Sausage, Potato, and Kale Soup {Recipe}

A few weeks ago we had our dear friends Chuck and Kat and their son Elliott over for dinner. They ended up bringing dinner to us that night (in their phenom Le Crueset pot). I gotta say, I was SUPER excited! You see, Chuck and Kat belong to Eckerton Hill Farm's CSA as well so I knew two things: … [Read more...]

Sweet Cabbage and Kale Salad with Lemon Poppyseed Dressing

This summer, we were over good friends of ours house for a BBQ. We had your classic, traditional burgers, chips, dip, and hot dogs. And then, we had "the salad". It was the most delicious salad that I have ever tasted. Made with a base of cabbage and and kale, Ashley put together this mix of … [Read more...]

Kale and Zucchini Meatloaf {Recipe} – Progressively Perfect: Virtual Dinner Party

Here is how our usual dinner goes: C says: "Mooommmmmn(sounds like maaaaaahhm), what are we having tonight?" {sounds a bit disgruntled} Me: "Meatloaf" {Screams and cheers and fist pumping heard and seen from the crowd} Me (thinking): Mwahahahahaha We have had A LOT of kale and … [Read more...]

White Bean and Kale Soup

  I have been craving soup lately, so I set out to combine this craving with all of the kale that we have been getting from our CSA and I came up with a delicious soup made of Northern Beans, kale, turnips, bacon, and more! It turned out great and so if you are ready to get out and try … [Read more...]


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