Organizing Your Craft Room

Phew, I can't even look at my craft room without quickly running away. Well, actually, it is a combined office/craftroom but at this point one wouldn't be able to tell it was anything but storage for a bunch of boxes and randomness. But it is my randomness. Actually, organizing it is on our list of … [Read more...]

Kids Getting Creative – Champions For Kids

My C was born creative. There is not a boring bone in her body. As she has grown older, this creativity of hers has allowed us to bond. It has allowed me to get to know her better. And it has served as a form of self expression for her. The simple act of coloring, cutting paper, drawing has so … [Read more...]

3 Indoor Colorful Creations During The Longest Winter Ever

Seven snowstorms in and what feels like 217 inches of snow (and some ice) and I am ready for this to end. Let's be real. I love myself a good winter BUT I am ready for it to be over. I am trying to sell a house people! I am not the only one ready for it to be over. My kids haven't had a full week … [Read more...]

DIY Vintage Postcard Notebooks {Tutorial}

Weeks ago, I was a part of organizing a conference called CMRecharge. It was a conference filled with the most creative, intelligent, and fun attendees. Ben and Bonnie and I (the organizers) tried SO incredibly hard to fill the room with neat conversation pieces that were also sustainable. Learn … [Read more...]

My Lanyard Maker {Review}

When I was growing up we made friendship bracelets ALL.THE.TIME. It was the thing to do. Remember? It was a challenge to do a rainbow knotted bracelet 8 rows deep. Day and night I spent making those bracelets. Pink and black...I made lots of bracelets with that color combination because it was … [Read more...]

A Girl’s Weekend Without Leaving Town {Motivation Monday}

I SO needed this weekend. Years ago, a few lovely ladies from the neighborhood and I would head over to Lancaster to a B&B, and stay for the weekend. Some of us would bring scrapbooking projects to work on, others would sew, some would knit, and some would just "be". It was wonderful to get … [Read more...]

A Little Homemade Christmas Decorating Over Here!

Welcome to our Christmas-y home! There is this great Christmas Party going on over at Frugal {Local} Kitchen that I am participating in so it has us all in the holiday mood! We are on a decorating kick over here in our house. Maybe I should clarify and say that C and G are on a decorating kick. … [Read more...]


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