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Phew, I can’t even look at my craft room without quickly running away. Well, actually, it is a combined office/craftroom but at this point one wouldn’t be able to tell it was anything but storage for a bunch of boxes and randomness. But it is my randomness. Actually, organizing it is on our list of things to conqure this weekend. I can use all the tips I can get. Of course I have a Pinterest Board devoted to organization, but it still needs to get done!

Here with some tips is Kerrie Kelly an Interior Designer in Sacramento, CA!

Crafting itself may be relaxing and fun, but any crafter will tell you that keeping a workspace organized is critical for sane crafting success. Scrapbooking, jewelry making and DIY décor require loads of parts and pieces that need to be easy to find and easy to work with. Those parts and pieces are often odd shapes and sizes (and sometimes fragile), so you can’t simply file them away in storage boxes. You’d be amazed at the household items we use for completely different purposes that seem almost custom made for the craft crowd. We’ve created a list of solutions to help you out that are both stylish and practical.


Towel rods: That’s right, bathroom towel rods are an extremely functional tool in the craft and because they come in so many attractive finishes, they create a custom design look at the same time. Mounted to the wall over a work space, they’re great for wrapping and craft paper. Add a second, and you can easily access more ribbon than you’ll ever use in one afternoon. This also allows your craft room to serve as a gift and wrapping room, too. Using ordinary “S” hooks, you can even hang attractive baskets or cubbies to hold those tiny and oddly shaped items you use to create your craft magic.

Peg board: Steal a little inspiration from the garage, and mount simple peg board to the wall. Add hooks of varying sizes, and keep all your crafting tools where you can see them (and off of your work space). Here, too, you can hang baskets and bags of equipment that you need frequently, but also need to keep out of the way. Just paint it white, or any color you like for that matter, to give it a more finished look. A simpler solution that still looks and works great is bathroom hooks mounted in strategic spots.

Spice rack: Perfect for the sewing crowd, a wall-mounted or drawer-insert spice rack is a great way to store spools and spools of thread, and keep the labels visible. A spice rack is also perfect for smaller tubes of paint and glitters. Consider stealing another idea from the kitchen by adding a lazy Susan to your work surface to save space.


Shower caddy: Mounting a shower caddy to the back of the door (or to any convenient surface) is another great way to store back-up rolls of craft and wrapping paper, and works especially well for bottles of adhesives, paints and varnishes.

Office shelving: Obviously, this is the simplest and most convenient method of storage for items that can be tucked away in a tub until you need them, but labeled and kept where you can see them. For the serious crafter though, consider one of the many closet organization systems available today to take your craft storage to the next level. Think: hanging rods, shelves, sliding baskets, all in see-through wire mesh. Don’t have room in the closet? There’s really no reason a committed crafter can’t install the same equipment on any wall that’s convenient to your work surface!

These are just a few of our favorite crafting solutions, but we know you’re a lot craftier than we are! What are some of your favorite craft room solutions?

California-based interior designer Kerrie Kelly writes on design and interior spaces for Home Depot. Kerrie’s tips on creative craft rooms reflect her interest in developing out-of-the-box uses for standard household items. To see some of the shelving options available for your craft room, you can visit the Home Depot website.

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