Healthy Snacks When Traveling and On the Go

So this was the first year that we traveled for the holidays. We have always stayed at home with our guys Christmas Eve and the morning of Christmas and then made the rounds to our families in the evening. I wouldn’t necessarily call that traveling per say. This year, we moved to Boston putting ourselves further away from family. :/

My brother and sister-in-law and nephew came up for Thanksgiving (seriously the nicest thing in the world). And then for Christmas we visited my parents. By visited I mean we came in and took over the house for 7 full days (it’s what you do unfortunately with three little ones). I’ve mentioned before that Mama H is a FANTASTIC cook, like seriously the best. While there is plenty off good food to eat, I quickly realized that taking yourself (and the kids) away from your norm for an extended period of time is not necessarily the easiest on your stomachs.

By midweek we were craving a few of our normal snacks. It was quickly solved by a quick run to the store. And next time we’ll be in the know. :)


Here’s what will be on my packing list for our next adventure away from home  – some healthy snacks when traveling:

Stonyfield Yogurt – This is a big one for us. The kids are used to having healthy snacks in between their meal and this is one that is always available to them. They enjoy the smoothies and the squeezable yogurt best but the pouches are great for traveling in the car! This is a quick snack with a lot of nutrients.

Seed Mix – So this is my new favorite on the go treat. Enjoy Life is a brand that, among other things, is dedicated to nut free snacks. All are produced in a facility that does not produce nuts. Let me tell you, trying to find energizing trail mix that fits into this category is near impossible. Until now. Grabbing a handful leaves you feeling full (of good stuff) and satisfied.

Fresh fruit – Now, my mom is great at always having fresh fruit in the fridge. Raspberries, blueberries, strawberries, you name it. I like bringing bananas for the road as well as clementines. Both are easy to travel with.

Crackers and Butter – One of H’s new favorite things is graham crackers and peabutter. It is a peanut butter type spread made with golden peas. It adds a little protein especially if you have a little one that is a picky eater and may skip a meal. :)

Mini Muffins – Taking just an hour the week before we go away and baking some mini muffins (our favorites are banana) is so very worth it. Everyone likes a little homemade goodness.

Nutrient Dense Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookies Another homemade snack but this one really packs in the nutrients. Made with baby oatmeal, it is perfect for all ages too. Adding the chocolate chips makes it a bit of a treat with an ulterior motive. :)

I’ve written before about Snacks for On The Go but it was geared more toward plane rides and long road trips. You may find some fun suggestions there too!

What are some of your favorite on the go snacks? 

**Disclosure: As a Stonyfield Yo-Getter I receive products and coupons from time to time for review or just because they are nice. :) All thoughts and opinions on this article are my own. 

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