Stonyfield Organic Pouches – H’s New Favorite Thing

Recently I was asked to become a Stonyfield YoGetter! Basically, get prepared to hear about some fun new things on the Stonyfield Organic front!  As a brand that began as an organic farming school and then moved onto yogurt making, their committment to working for healthy food, healthy people, and a healthy planet is something I can stand strong behind. I am excited for the opportunity to bring you information about this brand and some of their awesome products.


In this house we are addicted to yogurt. We (and by that I mean my good friend H) eats it multiple times a day. You can see now why this brand may be a perfect fit for our family. :) For something that is eaten so often in this house, it is important that it be filled with the most nutritious and pure ingredients. We often eat the Stonyfield Squeezable Yogurts and we love those flavors!

You can imagine the excitement in the house when we found out that Stonyfield came out with a new product! Stonyfield Pouches.


Let me just say, we have tried them and love them!

There are three different varieties, Yo-Baby, Yo-Toddler, and Yo-Kid. All have different flavors and the major difference in these three categories is size. Some of the ones that we tried were Strawberry Beet (!!!!!), Mango, Blueberry, and Strawberry.

H is impartial. He liked them all. I gotta say though, Strawberry beet was my favorite. What an awesome combination!


We have been using them for on the go, at home, anywhere. I have a few saved for a roadtrip that we’ll be headed on next week.

Check and see if the “pouches” are in a location near you here.

*Disclosure: As a part of the YoGetter team, I am offered opportunities to review certain products. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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