Meatless Pepper Tacos and a #FarmFare Giveaway

At the end of the summer there isn’t much better than cherishing the last of the tomatoes, peppers, onions, and other fresh veggies in your area. That is certainly what we have been doing in our house. I love heading to our local farmstand to browse around and on a whim grab a bunch of veggies that … [Read more...]

Quinoa and Vegetables With a Kick {Recipe}

I have been completely in love with quinoa lately. At first we had a love - hate relationship. I loved the nutritional benefits, just hated the taste. I have determined though that it was just the way that I was cooking it. As soon as I started washing it again (even though it said it had been … [Read more...]

Black Bean Mushroom Burgers {A Vegan Treat}

Continuing on my quest to find more meatless meals that my family can enjoy, I came up with a recipe for veggie burgers that includes mushrooms. I have always been in love with veggie burgers, really any kind at all. However, my husband, one of those "a meal isn't a meal unless it has meat" souls, … [Read more...]

Couscous Tacos

Here is another throwback recipe from my college days. This one is from senior year when there were 6 of us living in an apartment together. Two of my roommates were tremendous cooks and would often create recipes that we would then all take part in making on nights when we would eat … [Read more...]


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