Starting And Ending the Daily Marathon With Stonyfield Greek Yogurt


Back when I was in college, we used to drive down to Boston every year on Patriot’s Day to watch the Boston Marathon (us and the other millions of people watching). I went to school with friends who were from the area so they always had the sweet spot for spectating. I remember two specific marathons vividly. The girls that I would watch with were some of my very best friends in school and also runners. My friend Katie’s dad ran his first Boston and we were there to watch him. It was a pretty amazing experience to watch a man  who had just gotten into running conquer such an amazing goal. Since that time, Katie has run every single Boston with him and this year ran her 10th consecutive Boston marathon raising money for Dana Farber.

Another marathon that I remember watching was one with friends as well and has seriously been one of the funniest experiences that I have ever had. My friends Nicole, Taryn, and Mackenzie and I went down to watch the race. We went in running clothes and ran around the city following the marathon. There are millions of hilarious stories (as there are with everyone’s running buddies) but this one tops the cake. Nicole got SO into the event that she ran ahead and we lost her. At the Boston Marathon. With millions of people there. Before cell phones were carried everywhere. We weren’t worried and just assumed that she would show up or wait for us ahead so we just kept running. Needless to say, Nicole couldn’t find us and as we were walking back to our car hoping to find her there, she shows up in a cop car. She found a cop that drove her around trying to find us. I will never forget it and now, we go on vacation with each other every other year, all four of us and it is still brought up every time. In fact, we took a picture of her pulling up in that cop car – oh man, I wish I could find it right now to post here!!
The Boston Marathon means so many things to so many different people. Let’s be real. It is an awesome feat to qualify and run in the marathon. Some would never dream of it and rather sit cheering on the corner drinking a beer, taking in the experience. Others go to cheer on friends and loved ones that travel afar (my sister-in-law will be running this year!). No matter the reason that you are there or watch it, it is an experience. And I am quite sure that this year’s Marathon Monday was unlike any other. Just try to make it through without feeling a million different emotions and tears streaming down your face at one point! Boston is an amazing city filled with amazing people and the epidemy of a city that cheers for each other.
This year, Stonyfield Organic was a sponsor. Pretty sure there could not be a more fitting one. Not a better sponsor than one committed to health with their organic, real fruit yogurt. We are all living a marathon right now, the one that we call life. With three kiddos, having a go-to yogurt that I can trust is so important (both for the kids and me). Sometimes at night, after I put everyone to bed, yep, I enjoy some greek yogurt. Sounds crazy? Maybe, but the chocolate flavor is just like dessert. Only with a bunch of good for you nutrients in it. It’s a snack I am happy to partake in!
Proud to be a YoGetter:) If you were at the marathon this year, hope you grabbed a cup. If not, grab one soon!
**Disclosure: As a Stonyfield YoGetter I received coupons for yogurt in return for sharing my feelings on the marathon. What I chose to write about, the feelings I have and the stories I share are my own. 

This post was created in partnership with Stonyfield. All opinions are my own.

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  1. There’s nothing like watching the Boston Marathon. Yes, this year was unique. A city brought together by a terrible tragedy. Thankfully everything went smoothly and there was plenty of Stonyfield on hand!
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