A New Spin On An Old Favorite – The Amazing Zhus Magic


I can remember back a few years. I believe it was the Christmas before I got pregnant with H. G was just 2 1/2 years old and C was just 4. Zhu Zhu Pets were all the rage. I was working late one night at the hospital, the 7p-3a shift and another nurse and I were talking about our plans to score one for our kids for Christmas. Target was opening early the next morning as they had holiday hours in store and I was going to get up because Saturday morning was shipment morning at our local store. It worked! I was excited – I had scored one of the biggest hits of the holiday season.

C and G played with that thing over and over and over for months, years even. Heck, we even still have the original.

Fast forward 3+ years and introduce the Amazing Zhu Zhu Pets! This time with a special magic spin on them. My kids are SO into magic so when I got the offer to host a fun party with the Amazing Zhu Zhu Pets as the special guests, I of course could not pass it up. I waited for the perfect time to open the box and display these fun guys!

A few weeks ago we headed to Nanny and Pop Pops in PA for a weekend. We were having a family party on Saturday night and it was the perfect time! The kids had a blast just looking through the different magic tricks – magic card decks AND the Fortune Telling Fish.


Remember the Fortune Teller Fish?! I totally do. The kids have had a blast deciding what kinds of character traits they have based on how the red fish moves in the palm of their hand!

And then there were the The Amazing Zhus. Magical motorized pets that perform magic tricks and fun stunts!

G and H’s favorite was The Magician Zhu with a Magic Wand. As the magic wand lit up, the zhu followed it around doing tricks on the floor. It was hilarious. Take a look!

We also loved the Magic Shell Game! The Amazing Zhu predicts the pea’s location every time. Hilarious!


And of course the High Dive. We loved them all!

The Salted Caramel Rice Krispie Treats that Nanny made didn’t hurt either. They are the most delicious thing…EVER. And we had drinks and TONS of food!!

**Disclosure: I received a package of The Amazing Zhus on behalf of MomSelect with which to facilitate this party. We had a blast with them and all thoughts and opinions are my own!


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