How I Feel About Annie’s Selling Out To General Mills And Why It Matters To Me…

I rarely write posts like this. Honestly, on this blog, I try to take a pretty non-confrontational, middle ground view on most things. Sure, I can be opinionated. If you know me, you know that to be true. BUT I also try to see both sides of everything, though I may not always succeed. I most … [Read more...]

Weekly Meal Plan: July 13th – 19th

We are just getting back from a great weekend back in PA with family. My cousin was in visiting from Washington State and so we headed over to visit her and her family at my aunt's house. Every time we get to do this, my heart is full. I get such joy out of conversations with my cousins. We all grew … [Read more...]

Iced Mint Water – Refreshing and Real

Years ago when we first moved into our home in PA, there was a GIGANTIC patch of mint. It took over, grew everywhere. Ben and I ripped every root of that mint out. We later planted a beautiful butterfly bush in its place and a few other flowers. I love mint, but not a whole yard full of it. So … [Read more...]

Weekly Meal Plan: July 6 – 12th

We are having an absolutely LOVELY weekend with my parents here visiting. Great memories being made and fun is being had. We even got to drive them by where our new house will be. I am SO excited for them to see it the next time they come. They are coming at the end of the month to help us with the … [Read more...]

Conquering Your Kitchen {Review}

Just over a year ago, as I continued on my quest for nurturing my family with "real food", I stumbled upon a blog. The title said a lot - Real Food Real Deals. It was a blog written by a woman, Annemarie Rossi, that I felt a sort of immediate connection with when reading about her goals, her … [Read more...]


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