Greening Up a Conference

Today, I am at CMRecharge. It is an adventure that I took on about 10 months ago with 2 others. I haven't talked about it much in this space, but it has taken up A LOT of time. :-) Let's just say that my partners in this (Ben, my husband, and Bonnie, his co-worker and our friend) and I have … [Read more...]

Big Summer Potluck 4 – A Weekend Filled With Inspiration

I spent this weekend away at a food blogging conference. Well, I really shouldn't call it a conference. I am not sure what the correct term for it would be, but it isn't conference. Maybe extravaganza (as conference hosts, Pam and Maggie and Erika have called it)? The Big Summer Potluck 4, though … [Read more...]


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