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Now that we have settled on our new home and are moving in, the realization that school time is fast approaching comes.

I was super excited to see that this year we received lists from each of my kiddos teachers. I vividly remember back to school time when I was growing up. My mom always made it a special day. We’d get lunch at Olga’s, head to the mall to get some new, back-to-school supplies, and then head to the office store to grab everything on the list.

At first, when I was little, it was crayons and glue sticks with a few boxes of tissues thrown in there. Then, as I grew older, and reached the big “middle school years”, supplies became more extensive. Remember the TI-83 graphing calculator? Oh yeah, that was a big purchase! And with it came the Master Lock for your locker to keep it safe! I can remember writing the code down on my hand the first few weeks of school so that I would remember it easily. Can you even imagine not having a lock now with cell phones in the picture?

This year we I are am excited to get back into a routine. The craziness of summer has gotten the best of me. :) Master Lock is prepared for the year and ready to wow you with all of the new features on their products! We all know the name. As the world’s largest manufacturer of padlocks and security solutions since 1921, they changed the world of family security with the reinvention of the traditional padlock in 2010 as they introduced the Speed Dial. This padlock opens on directional movement (up, down, right, left) instead of rotary dialing. The dialSpeed was then released in 2012.

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And now, be prepared to have the “in” lock as you get to choose from colors inspired by the Pantone Fashion Color Report! There is an electronic lock in town and it is the Master Lock 1500eDBX dial speed. It allows for the personalization of codes including a back up code in the Master Lock Vault –> which would have saved me many times in school! You can also add guest codes too.

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Another great product on the line which I would have loved to have back in my school days is the 1535 DWD Set-Your-Own Combination Lock. You create your own combination using a memorable word, initials, whatever combination you want and will remember. This lock can easily be reset on the bottom with a coin. I also love that the dial on the lock is meant for accurate dialing. No slipping and sliding past your code.

Have some fun before the school year starts and participate in the Master Lock Photo Hunt Challenge. You will get a chance to preview some of the products that Master Lock has coming out with the opportunity to win Master Lock Products and other cool prizes! Now through September 7th head over to the website for more than 65 chances to win and create a wish list.

And don’t forget to join in on the Master Lock Back to School Twitter party on August 5th at 8 p.m. ET. RSVP here. #MasterBacktoSchool

Everyone has a memory with locks and back to school. What’s yours? 

**Disclosure: This post was sponsored by Global Influence. I recevied products to facilitate this review as well as compensation. All thoughts and opinions are my own. 

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