Fun Times With a Wubble Ball! {Review}

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I don’t know about your kids, but mind have been dying to try out the new Wubble Bubble Ball ever since they first saw it. I remember back to my childhood and those toys, the ones that seemed too good to be true, the ones with this mystical feeling to them, were always the most exciting to get your hands on!

Mom and dad may not have seen the draw but man, as a kid, you sure did!

I feel like this is the first toy where this was like that for C and G. The convincing that went on to get their hands on it! Little did they know we would get the opportunity to try one of these wubbly balls. And the screams that came when it came in the mail were huge.

The kit all came together. It included everything you need to blow up the Wubble Ball – a pump, the ball, and the necessary pieces to attach the pump to the ball.


Note: “D” Batteries not included. Or scissors and screwdriver. You’ll have to get your own;)

**One tip that came in the kit that we found super important was the oil. It says that using oil is optional. We found it worked so much better when blowing the Wubble Bubble Ball up with the oil. You can watch the video on how to properly inflate it here.

It took well under 3 1/2 minutes to blow the Ball up once we followed the instructions to a T and used oil. <–We weren’t so good at following the instructions at first. :/

And once blown up, it was pure and utter joy for these three kiddos!

They played with it in the backyard all evening (the rule for us is outside:).


Of course the question that your mind goes to is…what if it POPS??? Here is your answer: The package comes with pump and all. Clearly you don’t need this piece if your Wubble pops and you just need a new bubble. Wubble Bubble Balls are not indestructible but they do have a lifetime guarantee. If yours pops, just send in the valve (in the envelope provided to you) with $6.99, and a new one will be sent back out to you!

If you’re thinking of purchasing one of these for your kiddos this holiday season, apparently you aren’t the only one. 😉 It was listed as one of the Top Toy for the Holiday Season by Target. You can get them on Amazon, Target, or at Toys R Us.

**Disclosure: This is a sponsored post on behalf of Element Associates. All thoughts and opinions in this post are my own.  

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