Enjoy Life Crunchy Cookies and a Sugar Cookie Apple Pie Crust

When we lived in PA I used to go to this store that happened to be right in the center of our town called Kimberton Wholefoods. I always used to frequent this store for specialty products. After H was diagnosed with a peanut allergy it became my go to place for information and allergy friendly products.

It was at Kimberton Wholefoods that I discovered the brand Enjoy Life Foods. I am not sure what there is to NOT love about Enjoy Life. I even got the chance to chat with some lovely employees of Enjoy Life last year at the Natural Products Expo and their brand radiated even more.

Crunchy Cookies-title

From cookies to chocolate chips to protein bars, their products are SO allergy friendly. They do not contain ANY of the top 8 allergens. Their labeling is impeccable as well (very important to an allergy mom). And the most important part? Their products seriously taste amazing. Ben has been stealing cookies after the kids go to bed:/ THAT says something. :-)

Enjoy Life has a line of cookies called Crunchy Cookies. They are difficult for me to describe so let me try some bulleted points calling out the things I look for in a cookie:

  • Taste – I covered that before but I will cover it again. The taste is really delicious. My favorite flavor is the Double Chocolate (I mean, come ‘on – was there any doubt?) but the Chocolate Chip, Sugar Cookie, and Vanilla Graham are amazing too.
  • Texture – Generally I don’t love cookies that are too crispy. Though their name is Crunchy Cookie, they have a way of melting in your mouth. It is almost like they morph into being a soft cookie after you bite into them.
  • Ingredients – We love making our own homemade cookies. As with anything you know then what is going into them. Next best? Enjoy Life. They are transparent in their labeling. They are free of 8 of the top allergens. And they are thorough in their manufacturing processes.

We had some fun with the Enjoy Life Foods Crunchy Sugar Cookies this time around and created a delicious pie crust for a traditional apple pie filling. It was a hit!


Here’s how we made it:

Take an entire package of Enjoy Life Crunchy Sugar Cookies and process them in a food processor. Add 3 Tbsp melted butter. Mix together and press into a pie dish. Make your own apple pie filling and bake like you would any pie.

Here are the 4 varieties of Enjoy Life’s Crunchy Cookies



Which do you think would be your favorite?

**Disclosure: I received a package of Crunchy Cookies to faciliate this review. I already loved the brand:) All thoughts and opinions are my own. No compensation was received. 

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