Cinnamon Apple Waffles {Recipe}

The other night the kids were dying for breakfast for dinner. I wasn't in the mood for our same old same old so I threw in homemade waffles. You see, we have always had a Cuisinart Waffle Maker. We got it for our wedding. It wasn't until we moved that I found it again. It was hidden away somewhere … [Read more...]

Strawberry Pick-Your-Own Season: What To Do With Your Haul

Strawberry "Pick-Your-Own" season is in full swing here on the east coast. C and I headed out the last weekend of May to make sure to be the first ones at the farm to pick. We failed miserably. Arriving 5 minutes before 7 a.m., we were about the 20th there! The fields were full of anxious pickers … [Read more...]

Canning Season’s About To Begin – Here’s What You Need To Know

Every year right around this time I start to get really excited. Just the other day we had our first 80 degree day (nevermind that it dropped back down into the 30's last week). The kids get excited, they start asking if they can wear short sleeves (Crazy!), mom gets happier, and we all head … [Read more...]

Apple Pie Spread Served With Pie Crust Cookies {Recipe}

So, I am a godmother again! WAHOOO!!!! My sweet little godson and his gorgeous red locks were baptized last Sunday. After the ceremony, we celebrated with a little party back at my friend Erin's home. I was helping open up crackers and out of the corner of my eye I spotted a country-ish looking jar. … [Read more...]

Canning Homemade Applesauce in 7 Easy Steps

  Two years ago I started canning. I started slow…just strawberry jam, a relatively easy project for a novice like myself. This year, I made it my goal to learn more about the process of canning and really get into it, experimenting with more. I definitely made progress, although there is always … [Read more...]


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