Canning Season’s About To Begin – Here’s What You Need To Know

Every year right around this time I start to get really excited. Just the other day we had our first 80 degree day (nevermind that it dropped back down into the 30's last week). The kids get excited, they start asking if they can wear short sleeves (Crazy!), mom gets happier, and we all head … [Read more...]

Simple Gardening – The UrbMat – Amazing!!

All right, so in full disclosure, I have not yet tested out this product. Literally, some information came through my inbox and after checking it out more and more, I have become completely obsessed with this UrbMat and super excited about the possibilities that it provides! So, let's chat about … [Read more...]

Summer Is In Full Swing and Our CSA Shares Are Showing It!

This is what summer looks like when one of your CSA shares is with an heirloom tomato farmer. A barn filled with boxes full of tomatoes ready to pack up for the market. It is like major eye candy walking into that barn and seeing all of the different varieties that the farm has to offer. Ones that … [Read more...]

Storing Summer Fruits and Veggies For Winter

My world changed when I realized that it was a possibility to store just about any fruit or vegetable for use over the winter. Not only did I cut back on costs at the supermarket, but local produce became an option year round. The quality of the meals that I was serving changed as well, for the … [Read more...]

A Fajita Inspired Grass-Fed Skirt Steak {Recipe}

To date, my favorite opportunity that I have been given through this blog was meeting the owner of Philly Cow Share. We had a small, intimate dinner at her house with a few other bloggers as a part of #grassfedmoms. We talked at length with Jessica Moore about her business that she began just 3 … [Read more...]


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