The Perfect Accent: Cutting Edge Stencils {Review and Giveaway}

**Disclosure: I received this product to review. All thoughts and opinions of it are my own.


By this time, everyone knows about “the flood”. If you don’t, you can catch up here.

There is exciting news in the Blakesley household. After 4 weeks of running up the stairs to use the bathroom for everyone, we finally have redone our downstairs bathroom!

As soon as I realized that we were just going to redo the whole thing when the floors were being redone, I immediately did what every other woman (and some men) on this planet are doing right now and took to Pinterest.  I decided I didn’t just want it to be the classic paint four walls and call it a day kind of bathroom and since the whole thing was gutted, we were going all out. Go all out is what we did (within reason) and I opted for a non-traditional paint job.

I took to researching some of my options when it came to stenciling (not the old-fashioned border) the wall. When I came across Cutting Edge Stencils I was thrilled. With a website full of options, videos, and tutorials, I had found exactly what I wanted. I would consider myself a crafty individual. One that really won’t ever say that I CAN’T do something BUT…I am certainly not an expert DIYer when it comes to home remodeling. By browsing the website and their blog, I found enough resources that gave me great confidence in myself that I could make this project turn out great.

After deciding on Friendly Yellow, a Sherwin Williams paint and color, I decided an accent wall would be best for this space. I used Emerald, Sherwin William’s newest line of paints (an Interior Acrylic Latex paint) in a satin finish. After all, I was advised by Zach, the (very patient) manager at my neighborhood Sherwin store.

Step One in the process was painting. I (or maybe my dad) painted three walls Friendly Yellow and one wall white. The wall that I chose to be my accent wall was the one that would house the toilet and sink, the one that you could see from the doorway.

I would stencil the white wall which I had chosen to be the one that you could see from the doorway, the one with the toilet and sink. That was the plan. :)

After browsing the site (I couldn’t resist) for hours, I finally decided on the Tuscan Trellis All Over stencil. I ordered and a few days later, received a tube of materials that included a single sheet overlay stencil panel, a top edge stencil (for the ceiling edge), and an individual stencil. I also received a Stencil Essentials Kit.


I had the luxury of painting over floorboards and without any appliances in the room. It was fabulous! I didn’t have to worry about dripping or taping off the floor and there was no baseboard in the bathroom to worry about. That definitely made for a smoother process. A few days after painting the walls a solid color, ensuring enough time for drying, I went at it. The whole process start to finish with breaks included took about 3 hours.


Tuscan Trellis All Over Stencil

4″ dense foam roller

Stencil brush


Sherwin Williams Friendly Yellow Emerald Satin Finish Interior Paint

Painter’s tape

paper towels

small painting tray

Before starting, I watched this video a few times first and tried to follow every one of their hints. The biggest thing that I had to trust was that it didn’t matter where in the room you started, it would just work out. I took the leap, picked a random spot that was un-interupted, and began.


I did make sure to attach the level included in the kit (which is super handy and I will be saving for future projects) and lined up that first panel perfectly. I then taped the stencil to the wall. Just like the video stated, after getting paint on the roller, I blotted it on a paper towel by rolling it gently. This made sure that the paint was even and didn’t run under the stencil. After finishing the first panel, lining up the design was easy! Once I did a few repeats, I was on my way and had the hang of it.


At first I was intimidated by the corners and the ceiling but really, it went really smoothly. I actually ended up not using the top stencil that came in the package and instead just used my large panel along with my individual stencil. As for the corner walls, I just again used my large panel and carefully painted. I will say, it helped that I was stenciling the same color as the other walls. :)

Before I knew it, I was done and had a gorgeous room to finish by adding a toilet and sink!


Curious to see what it looks like after adding the fixtures?



I am super excited to offer a giveaway to one of my readers for a Cutting Edge Stencil of your choosing valued up to $50.

Enter below!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

**Disclosure: I received this product to review. All thoughts and opinions of it are my own.

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  1. I have been eyeing the Casablanca all over for a year! Your wall looks awesome.
    Heather S. recently posted…What I Didn’t Know about Coin Lithium BatteriesMy Profile

  2. I love the Tuscan Trellis! Your bathroom looks awesome– especially in the yellow.

  3. Awesome job Lauryn! It is so you! I love it. So how did you end up liking the Emerald? I am re-doing a desk and just decided yesterday that I want to stencil the top so I bet they would have something I could use.
    Hether M recently posted…Change Your Meat Cut, Save MoneyMy Profile

  4. They do! This is one of the designs I had in mind. I am planning to paint the desk a cream color (Sherwin Williams of course) and then do the stencil on the desktop in a crimson color.
    Hether M recently posted…Change Your Meat Cut, Save MoneyMy Profile

  5. This looks gorgeous! I’ve been trying to figure out what to do for our powder room but never thought about stencil! Off to go window shop the site :)
    Stephanie recently posted…Biscuit Pizza: an Easy, Kid-friendly MealMy Profile

  6. It looks great! What a wonderful way to take painting a room up a notch!
    Xandra recently posted…Effects of Toxins on Reproductive HealthMy Profile

  7. And I love the tree stencils!
    Xandra recently posted…Effects of Toxins on Reproductive HealthMy Profile

  8. Awesome job! Now I’m looking for someplace to do this. Maybe in our bedroom? I’ll have to see what the hubby thinks.
    Barb @ Frugal Local Kitchen recently posted…papa bill’s butter cookies {week 1 of 12 weeks of christmas treats}My Profile

  9. ellen casper says:


  10. LOVE this Lauryn!! I would love the Simple Rhyme Allover Stencil for the back wall in my bedroom.
    Sarah @ Finnegan and The Hughes recently posted…The Perfect Mug: Our Name Is Mud {Review and Giveaway}My Profile

  11. Meg Karetny says:

    So many to choose from so I’ll narrow it down to 2 :) I love the Charlotte stencil & the Dandelion one too! Thanks for this & yours looks awesome too!

  12. I love the large fruit tree stencil! Very nice job you did there, looks great.
    Gina B recently posted…The Importance of Vision Insurance #adMy Profile

  13. I love that inspiration often comes on the heals of disaster! Sorry about the flood… but, what a creative victory you’ve had! I love all the Moroccan stencils :)
    xo Thais

  14. I have been on their site so many times! I like the Zinnia one for accents and the Zagora all-over one. Great job on the powder room. I ‘m sure the flood was a major pain, but sometimes it’s nice to be forced to upgrade (says the girl who is fervently hoping that her oven doesn’t break a 3rd time before we are ready to do the kitchen).

  15. this is so cool! I’ve never head of stencils for your walls that are this fancy
    Caitlin recently posted…Philadelphia Walk for Farm AnimalsMy Profile

  16. This is so nice! Well done :)

  17. Casablanca and Chevron are my favorites! Your bathroom turned out amazing!! LOVE!!!!

  18. This is absolutely adorable! Love it! I think the quote ones are too cute.
    Becky recently posted…Halloween Costume Ideas: Thrift StoreMy Profile

  19. I’m torn between the dandelion stencil – I’ve always wanted to do that! But I love your accent wall so maybe I’d go for the Birch Forest.
    carrie recently posted…Diaper Changing Tips and TricksMy Profile

  20. That looks fantastic! The birch forest and the chevron ones are awesome, but there’s so many good ones!
    kim @ DESIGN + LIFE + KIDS recently posted…{ cooking with kids } HOMEMADE GNOCCHIMy Profile

  21. I could totally picture using this on the wall behind our bed!

  22. Linda Southworth says:

    I just saw a wall done with one of the Cutting Edge Stencils that is a combination IKAT pattern and CHEVRON pattern in one. That would be the one I would love to try first.

  23. Looks so easy I was wondering how you get the edges so perfect.
    sherry recently posted…This is your OkMy Profile

    • I was really nervous about that part but it was super easy. I would stencil most of the way to the edges and just freehand the rest with the stencil brush. That is where it was nice to have the same color on the opposite wall;)

  24. Wow! You did a great job. I have to say this would intimidate me a little, but seeing the end result makes me want to give it a try! I’m thinking the houndstooth or the chevron would be a fun pattern for an accent wall.
    Alissa recently posted…Win an Amazon Gift Card ($25)My Profile

  25. The zagora all over stencil is awesome

  26. I’ve been dreaming of wallpapering our powder room but this looks like something I could actually do. I love the Zagora. Thanks!

  27. Wow! Gorgeous!! Great job Lauryn…now when can I make an appt for you to come and do my wall???
    Colleen (Souffle Bombay) recently posted…Pasta with Kale & BaconMy Profile

  28. I love the Gabrielle damask stencil. It would go perfectly in my bedroom!
    Jeanine @MommyEntourage recently posted…Care4Today Mobile Health Manager Keeps You On Track With MedicationsMy Profile

  29. OOhh!! You know I am loving your color selection and you did a fantastic job with the trellis! I think the large scale Chelsea all-over wall pattern would be a lovely accent wall in my bedroom!

  30. Lauren, I think I would choose the same one you used. I really like that pattern.

  31. Looks great! I have a stencil from them waiting to be done in our bathroom, once I find the time. 😉

  32. I’m thinking the Tuscan Trellis stencil would be great in my bedroom, especially with fun colors.

  33. Charlotte allover

  34. I love the Damask and the Trellis stencils….it will be a hard choice!

  35. Great job! I am eyeing a couple of CE’s stencils but can’t seem to make up my mind which one to get!

  36. Kristie Riggs says:

    I love the trellis pattern and I love Cutting Edge Stencils! I just got done stenciling my powder room too!

  37. It is perfect! I want to do this in my new powder room!

  38. It looks lovely.

  39. Paula Brunn says:

    I would choose the Cascade Allover Stencil…I have a project just waiting to use this design!

  40. Elizabeth says:

    You’re lucky you had the appliances out!! (because of the flood = not so cool) I am obsessed with CE Indian Inlay stencil! Thanks for hosting a giveaway :)

  41. i love the damask pattern!!!!!


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