9 Things To Be Thankful For When Your Sewer Clogs and Floods Your House


Today’s post was supposed to be one that was about canning jalapeno jelly.

Instead, as I write this post, I am laying here at my parent’s house with three kids, two of which are huddled up with me in a full size bed while Ben is at home keeping fans and dehumidifiers company as they dry out my house. This morning, the downstairs toilet began overflowing water non-stop across most of the first floor of our house and seeped through the walls down to the basement. Not a great thing to come downstairs to. The sewer line is now unclogged, insurance company called, demolition of the first floor and basement is done, cleaning done, and now we are drying everything out. And as I sit here completely and utterly overwhelmed, with nothing more to do at this moment, I can only help but think about 9 reasons why it is all going to be okay.

Here they are in no particular order:

1. When I asked my kids to quick, run and get the towels, C ran upstairs and came down with a full armful of washcloths from the hall closet while G promptly brought me 5 dishrags. Yeah, our house flooded and it sucks but you know what, their innocent faces thinking they were so incredibly helpful made me chuckle and that is a memory I will have forever.

2. I am in love with my plumber Jodi Sailer (in a plumber kind of way). Between this and coming an hour after I called when I filled my bathtub for Hurricane Sandy (everyone on FB told me to) even though we have public water, and it leaked into the first floor, Jodi has saved the day many times. But him being superman and our plumbing problems over the years is another post. Moral of the story: Find yourself a good plumber.

3. We are safe. Sounds cliche I know, but at the end of the day…really, we are all here safe and sound.

4. My family rocks. My mom came up to help with the kids then took me, the kids, and Ben’s grandmother to her house so we could sleep without demolition crews and large fans and dehumidifiers. Thanks mom…

5. My friends rock. I dropped the kids off in an instant at a dear friend’s house where she kept them all afternoon while they played and I cleaned up. Numerous friends called and all asked how they could help…

6. I got a block of Briarcroft feta cheese today from our CSA share. It is waiting for me in the fridge when I get home. It will all be okay.

7. Ben is an amazing person. His whole recording studio, that one that he built and designed with his own two hands, the one where he has spent SO many hours carrying out his passion for making music, that one? Yeah, it is ruined. It and all of it’s equipment. You know what he says? “It is just stuff”. Well, he is right, but that is his stuff and it makes me sad that it is gone.

8. When you hand a 21 month old chocolate milk in the car on the way to your humble abode for the night and he spills it all over himself and the cars eat, it is really no big deal at all….comparatively.

9. Your kids make you laugh when you are playing the “raise your hand and say me if… game in the car because C screams, “raise your hand if the toilet overflowed dirty water into your whole house today”. Everyone raised their hand and H even said, “me’

As Ben says, we are #MakingLemonade…

About Lauryn Blakesley

A woman out to explore, celebrate, and enjoy everything that my community and living locally has to offer. Blessed with three beautiful children and an incredible husband, our family embraces adventure while dreaming of what is to come. Lover of knitting, running (although mostly after little ones right now), the color orange, fun accessories, fall, tea, and a clean kitchen floor. I spend my days in awe of my family and trying to teach my three to treat others as they would want to be treated.

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  1. Oh Lauryn–I feel like I know you!! You got it so right–and honestly that was a BIG deal. I don’t think I could have been so rational–certainly not NINE things…maybe ummm 2. And your Ben sounds EXACTLY like my Chris–those are the very words he used as they towed our car out of the driveway for the SECOND time in 4 weeks. Thank God for great husbands and clear heads. Sending you XOXO as you continue to dry out.

  2. Aw, hugs! Your mom is awesome! It is stuff; it’s just that it’s your hubby’s passion, and he won’t be able to do what he loves for a little while.

    Here’s to things looking better today!
    Barb @ Frugal Local Kitchen recently posted…divine dinners reviewMy Profile

  3. It’s great that you have a great perspective to share such an unfortunate event! Absolutely love it and hope things are well now!
    Claudia Krusch recently posted…Unveiling Jade & Jasper Fall CollectionMy Profile

  4. I just asked mine where the towels are if I need them. Small kitchen rags were the answer here too! :) I’m sad to hear about Ben’s music room. Hope all is manageable today.
    Becky recently posted…Tuesday Greens #41My Profile

  5. OMGoodness girl!! Hope soon everything is right back to where it should be :)
    Colleen (Souffle Bombay) recently posted…Spicy Grilled ShrimpMy Profile

  6. What a great outlook! I don’t know if I could think so positively in the same situation.
    Steph recently posted…Biscoff Spread Rice Crispy TreatsMy Profile

  7. I am so sorry Lauryn. Love your positive view on life girl. Let me know if you need anything in the coming days. If I am able I will be there. I know how to wield a scrub brush if need be.
    Hether M recently posted…28 Tips to Save Money, Pack LunchMy Profile

  8. Oh Lauryn! I’m SO sorry this happened! But I’m proud of you for Making Lemonade. XO!
    Carrie recently posted…Easy Kids Craft Frame {From Old Board Games!}My Profile

  9. Oh no….that is painful, really painful.
    ..but, on the bright side: #10, maybe you’ll get to do some remodeling and fun DIY projects? :)
    Heather S. recently posted…Interactive Appisodes from Disney {Doc McStuffins and Jake and the Neverland Pirates}My Profile


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