Weekly Meal Plan: August 24 – 30th Mama H Comes!!

Weekly Meal Plan

We have had a great couple of weeks in the new home! Finally starting to get everything unpacked and make it a home. The kids are running free in the yard and feeling like they can finally breath. Heck, moving around is hard. Especially on the little ones! H has become quite the mama’s boy but they have ALL taken it in stride and have been amazing! The start of school is only a week away (ahhhh), and I know I certainly have mixed emotions. The kids and I have had a blast this summer, especially in the last few weeks as we have settled in but they are SO excited to meet friends and get back into the routine of school. We are going to try to get a few more “fun days” in this week with a beach day planned and my parents are coming on Thursday!! Here’s what we have going on meal wise:

Sunday: Chicken Enchiladas with Poblano Peppers

It’s the  best time of the year (IMO) to have enchiladas! Fresh summer produce – tomatoes, peppers, onions – YUM! And I have all of that fabulous chicken from the Whole Foods Rotisserie Chicken Sale…perfect!

Monday: Chicken Bruschetta Pasta

This is an amazing fresh, summer dish! Now I just need to find some good basil. Obviously mine was lacking without a garden this year and it seems the local farms haven’t had any either…

Tuesday: Kale and Zucchini Meatloaf and Mashed Potatoes

Ground Organic Pork was on sale last week so I stocked up and meatloaf is one of the perfect meals to make with it!

Wednesday: Chili and Cornbread

The last of the beach days! I need a crockpot meal!

Thursday: Mama H’s Ribs and Baked Beans

Friday: Homemade Pizza and Dumplings

We may grab some recipes from the book Revolutionary Pizza. And I am reviewing another book so stay tuned for a recipe and review next week!

Saturday: Paaarrrtay! 

A BBQ and Lobsta Bash! My parents are here, we’re having some friends over, it’s party time! My mom and I will be cooking in the kitchen and whipping up some great dishes. Can’t wait!

What’s on your plan for the week? 

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