Happy Child Super Nutrition Shakes {Review}

This summer, we have been on the go. From apartments to vacations to moving into a new home, there have been plenty of to-do's on our list! My two big kids do a pretty good job of eating larger meals that tie them over from one to the next but my littler guy, he's still learning. With a peanut and … [Read more...]

A Busy Family’s Dream – Relished Foods {Review and Giveaway}

Have you ever had one of those weeks, okay maybe a month, where you are in a giant rut as far as cooking goes? Well, call this my rut. We have a lot going on right now. More than usual (we always have a lot going on). Selling a house, moving coordination, packing up a house, buying a house, and … [Read more...]

Stonyfield Organic Pouches – H’s New Favorite Thing

Recently I was asked to become a Stonyfield YoGetter! Basically, get prepared to hear about some fun new things on the Stonyfield Organic front!  As a brand that began as an organic farming school and then moved onto yogurt making, their committment to working for healthy food, healthy people, and a … [Read more...]

Natural Products Expo East 2013 – My Top Picks

A few weeks ago, I was a first-timer heading to my first Natural Products Expo East with a good friend of mine Becky from Crafty Garden Mama. She had been there before and so I decided to follow her lead! As we arrived at The Baltimore Convention Center, I was glad I made the choice to follow … [Read more...]

How to Choose the Right CSA for You and Your Family

If you are lucky enough to live in an area with a number of choices for Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) shares and are wondering how to go about choosing the right one for you, this post is for you. I did a lot of research before choosing the CSA that my family and I currently belong to. It … [Read more...]

Nitrate Free Hot Dogs…As Good as the Real Deal? I Think So!

One thing my family really likes to eat is hot dogs. I know, I know, sounds so gross, and kind of weird as a starting sentence, but it’s true. And by my family I mean everyone in my family except me. I like a hot dog, like once a year, and it is only because I get a craving for one at a ball game or … [Read more...]


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