Greening Up a Conference

Today, I am at CMRecharge. It is an adventure that I took on about 10 months ago with 2 others. I haven't talked about it much in this space, but it has taken up A LOT of time. :-) Let's just say that my partners in this (Ben, my husband, and Bonnie, his co-worker and our friend) and I have … [Read more...]

A Trip to Union Square Greenmarket With Eckerton Hill Farm

I have been working with Eckerton Hill Farm on their social media for a good while, but just last week I had the opportunity to help them out in a new capacity as a market hand. I LOVED IT! Watch out Ben, this may be a new career move. :-) My eyes are probably more open than most to the workload of … [Read more...]

I Am In Love With Tomatoes…Heirlooms To Be Exact {Locavore Living}

So remember how I said before that I "taught" myself to like tomatoes last year? Well, I think I went a little overboard because now I am in love. I am in love with particularly colorful ones. Don't get me wrong, red is beautiful and all, but let's be real, how can you not love a quart full of … [Read more...]

A Bounty of Produce {Locavore Living}

It is weeks like these that I wish there were 30 hours in each day. I spent most of Tuesday afternoon cleaning out my fridge and freezer to get ready for some more fresh and frozen produce. Tuesday I was met by a gigantic box + 2 bags full of produce from our Sunrise CSA share. Amazing. I split this … [Read more...]

A Barn Party and BBQ at Eckerton Hill Farm

Kids, hay, music, great food, and a farm = a whole lotta fun! And that is what we had last Sunday at Eckerton Hill Farm. The farm came together to put on one big barn dancin' fest that was filled with fun, laughter, stories, and the sense of community. Though there were many familiar faces, I was … [Read more...]

Week 10: I Think it May Be My Favorite CSA Share Yet

Last week's share seemed to get used as fast as it came in with the exception of one veggie... That last item, the "sunchokes", were used up yesterday in a delicious pot of what I would call a CSA stew. This is the kind of soup/stew that I am sure every CSA member has made. One where they get to … [Read more...]

A Week Filled with Greens! – CSA Week #9

My gosh, I can’t believe we are 9 weeks into winter and our CSA. This CSA has been amazing. Collectively as a family, we have been trying so many new vegetables and new recipes because of it, that we never would have before. My weekly meal plan has become so much more diverse as well (which is a … [Read more...]

Week #8 CSA: Playing Catch Up

So, I have been playing a little catch up with my CSA posts. I have been working hard at using all of these delicious veggies over the last two weeks. During the holiday season it was a bit harder because it seems that we were on the go so much (how could that be?). Therefore, I have had a lot of … [Read more...]

CSA Week #7 – A Picture Tour Through Oley, PA

Man did I miss last week’s pick-up! Due to Christmas falling on our scheduled pick-up time for our weekly CSA share, we had gotten a double share the week before. It was wonderful and it lasted both weeks, but I didn't realize just how nice it is to take the ride up through Oley to Lobachsville … [Read more...]

A Special Holiday Double at Eckerton This Week

Last Week's Recap:  I have some pretty rockin' recipes to share in the coming weeks and this week was a good one for developing some new ones! Ben (with just a little bit of guidance) made a fantastic Potato Leek Soup (a super healthy, non-creamy one) last weekend. This recipe will be coming … [Read more...]


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