Summer CSA Adventures – July 3, 2013 {Locavore Living Link-Up}


Grilling was the theme at pick up this week and it didn’t take long to figure out why…tons of fresh veggies perfect for roasting and placing in salads and taking to a picnic. This was a fun week for me because I was able to create and share some of the fun with others at a cook out that we went to.

I would call it one of our most successful weeks so far but I am not sure if it is because I am just getting used to using all of this fresh produce or because it is summertime and just naturally easier to eat fresh. Either way, the produce got used in really great ways! Having both CSA shares was the perfect amount and the differences in them once again validated why I have both.

We had tons of beets by the end of the week and they all got used. Actually all but a handful which I walked over to my neighbors house whom I love to share my local produce with. They are an older couple and just love the idea of a CSA but would never eat that much, so they truly appreciate the items I bring them. Ada’s face lit up when I walked over with beets…

I made puree that I both froze and used in some baked goods (stay tuned for a fun recipe that I will share next week)! I roasted some and made some Roasted Beet Hummus for a BBQ  with friends yesterday. It turned out delicious and the color was amazing! I also had a gigantic kitchen FAIL as I attempted beet jam with the juice from boiling them. Don’t worry, I will revisit that one a little bit later.

Kale…oh how I love you kale. I made meatloaf for the kids last week and it dawned on me that I should put some kale and zucchini in it. PERFECTO! No one said a word and they gobbled it up. Now, I am in love with kale. Bring it on…meatloaf, meatballs, you name it:) You can find my recipe for Kale and Zucchini Meatloaf here.

The fresh chamomile was used in the perfect tea blend along with some pineapple mint from my garden. You can find the recipe for Fresh Chamomile and Pineapple Mint Tea here. Now I am completely obsessed with this refreshing drink and I have depleted my mint crop so you may or may not find me lifting mint from Eckerton Hill Farm’s patch near the goats…

We had friends over for dinner one night so we all enjoyed my Jalapeno Cranberry Brie appetizer along with a big salad where those mixed greens, snap peas, and nasturtiums came in handy. Topped with some goat cheese, it was delicious.

I am waiting to use the garlic. I have it building up and am thinking about making some pesto with it soon.

On to this week!

We are heading to the beach next week so I am looking forward to toting some of our goods along. Fresh carrots and broccoli will accompany us for sure. We also scored some BEAUTIFUL blue potatoes from Sunrise and red potatoes from Eckerton…perfect for roasting. I will also be bringing some mixed lettuce for salads.

Cabbage was in our share this week. I have been putting some away in the freezer since we have been getting it a bunch and storing it for veggie soup come the winter. Aside from that, you can only eat so much coleslaw (I know, some would disagree). Well, my friend Jen made the most delicious salad for a BBQ we went to…Waldorf Cabbage Salad and so now that is top on my list of things to make this week. YUM!

Sunrise brought us the first of the green beans for the year. It brings back such great memories from last year as we picked them ourselves…tons of them! And then froze them and had them all winter. Green beans are a favorite in this house.

Last Sunday as we attended a Barn Party and BBQ at Eckerton, we found ourselves in the black raspberry patch and were caught red handed (literally). We knew that these treats couldn’t be far behind and so having a pint in our shares this week was such a welcome addition.

As far as grilling goes, it can’t get much better than zucchini, sweet onions, and potatoes!

There were also some great items that I am going to do some research on. Well, maybe it is too late for the fennel as I enjoyed serving it with the hummus at the BBQ today. With an anise flavor, some loved it and some not so much. Someone suggested that they had seen it used in chili and I really think this would be a great combo of flavors so I am going to try this next time for sure. And the item that excites me the most…artichokes…stay tuned!

What was your favorite part of your share this week?


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